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"Okay.. You now have a Plunger stuck to your Forehead. I'm so glad that I run a serious ShadowRun game."

Said by me, to my gaming group during an errant time of in-party tension.

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Why do the Gods hate me so...


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WTF? Seriously... WTF?

From a friend:


Is there a fortune cookie writter who likes Sci-Fi?

"The goodness of a true pun is in the direct ratio of its intolerability"

- Edgar Allen Poe

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Unwritten Rules of Gaming:
The rules of gaming that aren't in any Player's Guide or DMG.

Net Guide to Modern Firearms:
A Mirror to the very well done original. I've added my opinions on a few of the rules. A Good resource for all things that go Bang.

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Easy recipes that you can make and feed the gaming group.

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God I love Japan! I'll have the Godzilla sized Sapporo, Please.

Bitter K's Gundam Seed Destiny Episode Guide:
Rants and Questions about the episodes of Gundam Seed Destiny. Some Spoilers.

Gundam, A Beginner's Guide:
A slightly venomus guide to the Gundam universe.

Sub-Standard Superheros:
A hall of fame of Super Heros, villians, and associates lucky enough to be Sub-Standard.

My Little Pony: black Ops, The RPG:
An RPG that finally allows you to play in the crime ridden underbelly of My Little Pony.

The Disney Experience:
What Can you learn on a week long trip to Disney Word. The second happiest place on Earth.

The Sound of Gaming:
A bizzare fever dream-esque musical that really shouldn't have been made by someone who has no concept of beat or rhythm.

BattleTech 90210:
A series of posts off Sarna Net that spoofs the soap opera nature of the Battletech novels.

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Gundam, A Beginner's Guide

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As Seen on Sluggy Freelance!!! (1/16/06)


Kitten Arny Hey Defenders! Remember how I said I'd eventually upload those Dragon*con 2004 pictures? Well, I did!

But while I was going through those pictures, I found this picture of a guy whose name I've forgotten (because I'm a bad, bad, naughty assistant) but will always remember as The Kitten Arny Guy [TM]! We'll call him KAG. Hi KAG! If you're reading this, we just wanted to give you what is known as 'the mad props.' (Which, looking at the picture, I think you may already have...)

KAG walked up to our table at D*C in full Arny costume, and left our jaws on the floor. Not only is it a fully complete arny outfit complete with sproinging kitten toys, he even had a kitten flying around his head. And when I say "flying around his head", I mean literally. He flicked a switch, and the kitten flew circles around his head. I am not making this up.

(Pete? Back me up please?)

PETE ADDS: What was cooler was how he struck a defensive pose brandishing his tuna-tipped shotgun at the flying kitten buzzing around his head. *sniff* It was beautiful.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this picture with all the Sluggites, because it brightened my day right up! :) 


After the Dot Com bubble burst, even mascots had to find work.



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