Calculations of White Wolf Firearm Damages:


Like many Authors, I tasked myself with trying to figure out how to assign damage values to ammunition that was not listed by the game manufacturer, in this case White Wolf. Some authors simply take their best guess and use educated guesses to place ammo in between the listed values. This usually works, depending on the authors knowledge. I tend to take a more mathematical approach that eliminates personal bias (see D20 Modern's love of the five Seven). These are the steps that I took.

First, I consulted with the main Werewolf Sourcebook and found the damages for some common firearm rounds.

White Wolf Damages
Caliber Damage Muzzle Energy
9 mm 4 396 ft*lbs
.45 ACP 5 495 ft*lbs
.44 Magnum 6 1100 ft*lbs
5.56 mm Nato 7 1400 ft*lbs
12 Gauge Shotgun 8 2800 ft*lbs

I plotted the Muzzle Energies versus the White Wolf Damage dots and got this graph. chart1

I then had Excel try to best fit a linear equation to fit the White Wolf data. chart1

This looked like it worked, but looking at the equation exposed a problem. A bullet with zero energy would still do 3 dots of damage. Okay, lets try to normalize to 0. chart1

Well, that didn't work. What if it is a damage curve compared to a line? After a few trials and errors, I found that an exponential equation worked best. chart1

From there, I plugged in the muzzle energies from various rounds and rounded to the nearest whole number. The numbers seem logical, or as logical as you can get in a game about Werewolves, Vampires and the like.

By Pochi.

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