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Mutants and Masterminds: Flamingo

Superheros again. This time we are in South Florida as a company's private Superhero squad.


Porta Roma: Alot like Miami, but it's not, because it is named Porta Roma.

Heiling Towers: The corporation HQ where our secret base is. Owned by the mysterious Mr. Heiling.



FLoridA MINistry of GOod.

Roll Call

Marvin 'Big Marv' Franklins

A tough brick of a man in his Early 30s who has a teddy bear like kindness to him. He is a construction worker who specialize in road construction. A run in with a magic ghost (see Veronica below) left him magically super powered. He decided to take up super heroing as a side job. Now that he gets paid by Heiling, he can quit his day job. He is usually broke because he sends most of his money home or spends it on Veronica's upkeep. He is an experienced Super who used to be with the 'Blue Collar Avengers' and will always tell stories about their adventures. Seems to have walked out of a "Golden Age" American propoganda comic.

Superhero Identity - D.O.T.

Big Marv dons his OSHA spec safety gear, he becomes the Superhero known as D.O.T. His OSHA jumpsuit, steel toed boots, gloves, eye proterctors and helmet are magically enhanced. His Construction implements can be used to smite any foe, or be used to help him in other situations. His natural strength and stamina are formidable and magic has enhanced his endurance.


Concrete Saw - one of D.O.T.'s weapons

Veronica (Superhero Id - Ditch Witch)

Veronica was a typical good girl living around Salemn Massachucettes in the early 1700s. She was hung as a witch. Her ghost was freed from its grave by Marv and his entrenching tractor. Veronica's soul became traped in the Entrenching tractor and she used her little remaining magic powers to help out Marv. She isnow your typical 1700s Puritan woman awoken in the 2000s and trapped in a large piece of construction equipment. Her hobbies include Sewing, gardening and reading books. Marv treats her as a normal lady (wether due to thoughtfulness or stupidity) So, she joined his superheroing as his sidekick, Ditch Witch. Marv makes her wear a traffic cone painted black like a witch's hat as her disguise so she won't be mistaken for other sentient pieces of construction equipmeent.



The good girl with a 'shadowy' past. A smidge vain and snobby.She is quite beautiful and will not miss a chance to flaunt it.

Superhero Identity- Twilight

Her shadowy powers include shadow minions, a shadow form, flight and ranged attacks. She is also a bit unsettling as she looks like a ghostly apparition, with her legs trailing off into nothing. Her eyesockets are also ghostly empty. Woooo!

Joshua Hamilton,

A Socially withdrawn super inventor and scientist.Very good with technology and gadgets. He doesn't like the Flamingo motiff his teammates picked as their motto, but likes Mr' Heiling's grant money.


Superhero Identity- The Great Machine

A crime fighter in a Mechanically enhanced fighting suit. His robot suit is as tough as 'Unobtanium'. His weapons hurt, alot. He likes to bust through walls and ceilings like the Kool-Aid Man. "Oh Yeah!"


A tomboy from New Orleans. Grew up loving drag racing, NASCAR, and all things southern. Was part of a Teen Titan like gang of superheroes in New Orleans, until it broke up and she headed to Porta Roma.


Superhero Identity- Skid

She dons her Unitard emblazoned with a tire track and Becomes Skid. A Speedster by nature, she's pretty fast and can pack a heck of a punch.

---- Not, Joaquin Phoenix

The new guy. I think he's a summer intern at Heiling tower. Ummm... He hangs around... and does stuff.


Superhero Identity- Visage

He can shapeshift a bit and can do stuff. Heck, I don't know, he could be a badguy for all I know. IGNORE ME!

Others (PCs and NPCs)

Mr. Heiling

The secretive owner of a huge company centered in Porta Roma. Mysterious!!!

Mark Delphi

Mr. Heiling's assistant and usually the one that talks to our squad. A Telepath.

The Eldorado Liberator

A Carribean island superhero and illegal immigrant. His main super power appears to be bad timing.

Ms. Ohya

A super powered assistant to Mr. Heiling. She is all business, and no fun. Super strong and tough.

Flamingo Store

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A wholesome Breaskfast Cereal the kids will love. It is made from whole grain oats, nitrogen rich wheat Gluten and a bunch of chemicals that you can't pronounce, means its got to be good for your growing super kid. Lightly frosted (lightly, as in instant diabetic coma). Contains marshmallow chunks that you can pretend are actually in the shapes of your favorite Flamigo Superheros.


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Flamingo Action Figures

Action figures for your favorite Flamingo Heroes. All have Kung-Fu grip. Twilight Figure is semi-transparent. Great Machine figure shoots small foam missile. D.O.T. comes with sevear realistic tools. Skid Figure has wheels in the feet. Visage has several removable faces and changes color in the sun. 7-Zark-7 is their wise cracking computer. And Shadow Minion is one of Twilights helpful shadowy friends. Cases contain 37 random figures (and by random we mean 95% of them are the left over chunks of plastic from the machine that we dipped in black paint and called them a Shadow Minion).


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Heiling Tower Playset

The amazing layer of the Flamigo Heroes. Back opens to reveal sleeping rooms, science lab, meeting room, garage and miles of cubical mazes for the mindless worker drones. The set has an emergency escape slide, motion detection alarm, lights and buzzers, and even makes real coffee. Scalding hot water not included.

Truck loads

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Ditch Witch Playset (Motorized)

D.O.T.'s trusty companion and Flamingo's pursuit vehicle of choice (not really). Playset has construction cones and signs. Lift bucket and Entrencher really move. But, better yet, it moves in both forward and reverse. Delight as it reachs scale speeds of 3 MPH (Considering the scale, you probably should consider it immobile). Requires one 12 volt lead acid battery, sold seperately.


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Flamingo Fruit Snacks

Yum. Individually wrapped pieces of vaguely fruit flavored polyethelyene plastic sheets rolled into individual, snack size, wrappers. Each piece has one of the Flamingo members painted on it with a nutritous lead based flavo-ink.

Cubic Acre

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Flamingo Halloween Costumes

You too can pretend you are a member of Flamingo with these authentic halloween costumes. The main piece of each costume is made of 100% cotton/Rayon blend that is treated with a kerosene and pitch coating to repell water, just like turn of the century circus tents. The designs are painted on with a durable magnesium and aluminum oxide blend. The Helmets are made of 100% polypropelene plastic that is over 3 mils thick, thicker than a garbage bag, for years of use. plus, the helemts have semitransparent pastic viewports that eliminate the need for eye, mouth or nose holes. An elastic cord firmly attaches the helmet to the neck. Adult sizes also available.


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A Real, live Monkey

Have endless fun with your own Monkey. An authentic African Chimpanzee branded with the Flamingo logo. They are almost as smart as a two year old child with out the plesant attitude. It's way smarter than a dog and bites twice as hard. Wow your friends with its 3 inch long incisors that drip with simian Rota-virus (which is harmless to humans unless the virus enters a mucous mebrane, scratch, cut or bite wound). Also, they are 10 times as strong as humans. You can train him to carry heavy loads for you (like your school books) or rip your arm completely out of your socket and beat you to death with it. Fully trainable (but not likely). Amuse your friends. Fling poo at your sister.


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Flamingo: Issue #1

Flamingo United against Evil

Cover: D.O.T., Twilight and The Great Machine stand shoulder to shoulder in their superhero outfits looking menacing and ready to fight. They stand around a Flamingo seal, which seems burned into the concrete (even though they don't name themselves Flamingo for several more issues). In the back left is Heiling Tower. In the back right is Ditchwitch and a couple palm Trees.

Story: Three superheros are assembled by the mysterious mega-millionaire industrialist, Mr. Heiling. He has them assemble at Heiling Towers in sunny Porta Roma. He convinces them to form a company sponsered super hero team. Their first assignment, protect a recently raised wreck of a Nazi era submarine at the Porta Roma Museum. The newly formed team battle their most nefarious villians to date (This is episode 1), The Rubber Band. This gang of oddly themed villians nearly escape with a secret capsule located in a secret compartment of the submarine. The heros are able to stop the Rubber Band and barely recaptures the capsule. One of the Villians, Manny Faces, escapes.

Flamingo: Issue #2

Evil's Revenge and Old Wounds

Cover:D.O.T., Twilight and Great Machine all sit around a round table, in costume, playing cards. Great Machine sits in the Middle, facing the audience. D.O.T. sits to the right, Twilight to the left. The back of the cards show the Flamingo logo. The background is of a typical bar, with a few voudoun trappings. A little splash in the uper right corner proclaims "Action Packed Second Issue" and "Two Mysterious newcommers. Are they friend or Foe?"

Story: Several days after the events at the museum, the group are awoken to the sounds of alarms in the Heiling Tower. The heroes assemble to be briefed on the situation by Mr. Delphi. It seems that someone has penetrated the many layers of security and stolen the capsule that was in the Nazi submarine. It seems that the contents were documents of an unknown nature. Of course, they were stolen before they could be read. This does not sit well with the group, as you can imagine. Security at Heiling Towers is soundly mocked. The heroes use their own individual methods to find information on who broke in and where the stuff went. Comming up empty, the group decides to unwind at "The Druken Zombie", a vodoo themed bar, with a super hero friendly atmosphere, run by one of D.O.T.'s former commrades at the "Blue Collar Avengers". He introduces the group to "Raise the bar". In the bar, are a couple groups of Ruffians and a strange foreign superhero named "The Eldorado Liberator". Tesnsions rises between the groups of Ruffians and a barfight seems imminent. Twilight scares both sides out of violence. The Eldorado Liberator jumps out too late to help. In the Commotion, D.O.T. is approached by a Manny Faces, who is disguised. He wants protection and is willing to talk.

Flamingo: Issue #3

Evil, Drugs and Money

Cover: The Flamingo group sits in costume along a beach. Twilight suns her shadowy form on a beach chair. She is wearing a shadowy bikini at the behest of the "Comic Code Authority" even though her shadowy form doesn't show anything, normaly. The Great Machine stands in his armor that has little swim trunks on. He casts a fishing pole of the page. The pole seems to come out of his chest compartment (even though he doesn't have a chest compartment). In the back Right, D.O.T. is wearing a Hawaiian shirt and builds a large sandcastle with DitchWitch. A beach umbrella sits in the back left and has the Flamingo logo on it.

Story: Among the things that Manny Faces tells the group, is about a new drug on the street called CRANK. It produces short term superpowers in its users as well as other euphoric effects. The group learns of a drug deal going down and decides to try to catch those responsible. The intrepid trio cases the run down location around where the deal will go down. The heroes hide out in an abandoned building and wait untill the time of the deal. Both groups arrive with a cadre of bodyguards. Money in a duffle bag is exchanged for a suitcase. The heroes leap into action. The Great Machine destroys the building on the way out. As the Heroes fight the thugs, the baddy with the drugs escapes. Twilight captures the baddie with the money, but is not allowed to keep the money.

Flamingo: Issue #4

Union of Evil

Cover: D.O.T, Great Machine and Twilight all stand back to back. The heros look beaten and on their last legs. They are surrounded by a dozen men and women of Diamante Republic decent. Each one seems to be displaying a different super power. The background is that of a deserted city street. The Flamingo logo shows on a billboard in the background.

Story: Mr. Delphi yells at Joshua for his property destruction and at Ashley for her heavy handed justice, plus the fight over the money. As the discussion starts to turn nasty, the heros get a distress call. A bunch of immigrants from the Diamante Republic are rioting down by the docks. The group heads out for action. Once they arrive, they find the rioters are actually hopped up on CRANK and now most have some sort of super power. Great Googley-Moogly. The fight is joined. The heroes emerge, battered but victorious. The Riot is stopped, but the question remains. Who supplied the drugs and for what end? The heores return to Heiling Towers and contemplate more pressing matters, PR. As a result, and with Great Machines consent -in absentia, they officially name themselves "The Florida Ministry of Good" or "Flamingo".

Flamingo: Issue #5

Recruited - By Evil

Cover: Joshua sits at a desk, holding two test tubes with weird color liquids in them. He looks dirty and emaciated. A large collar is clasped to his neck and a chain trails of the page. The rest of the background looks like a dungeon. The Great Machine Suit is tied to the wall in the back right. In the back left is a cage with a giant purple monkey in it. It's only there to drive up comic sales.

Story: The story opens in Heiling tower. The Flamingo Heroes assemble, but the great machine is noticibly absent. D.O.T. and Twilight check the Heiling Tower's sensors and find that Joshua had left and had turned his locator beacon off. The worlds not so greatest detectives go about gathering clues, including Joshua's wrecjked car, to the Great machines where abouts. The clues point to one unescaple conclussion, that Great Machine is visiting a hooker.... or he was kidnapped by an evil organization that wants access to his brilliant technology. D.O.T. and Twilight flip a coin and end up attacking the local branch of Evil Company Inc. Twilight attempts to sneak in and meets a tied up Joshua about to be escorted to a helicopter by the evil HR director. A fight ensues. Meanwhile, D.O.T. and Ditch Witch crash through the front door and have a titanic battle with the robo-Personal Assistant. The baddies escape, but the Porta Roma branch of evil is shut down. Office supplies are then looted.

Flamingo: Issue #6

Auction of Evil

Cover: The Flamingo gang stands in an courtyard of a house that vaguely resembles Hemmingway's Key West house. A sign in back confirms that this is supposed to be Key West. The group, however are dressed up in Qubecoix Sepratist disguises. Ashley is dressed like a French/Canadian Dominatrix. Joshua is a death Mountie. Marv is dressed up like a Lumberjack carrying a chainsaw. A small word bubble has marv saying, "This time, We're Evil".

Story: The group relax at the "Drunken Zombie" when Marv bumps into one of his old allies "Lineman". "Lineman" tells the Flamingo group that he is on the trail of a gathering of super villians. Apparently they are going to auction some Nazi Papers. This peaks the group's curiosity and they try to figure out how to get in. Their cunning plan is to disguise themselves as a super villian team. The plan doesn't get the best reception from Mr. Delphi. Still, the plan moves on. The group finds themselves mingling with some of the worst scum and villany that any hive has ever held. The auction begins, with the masterminds of the auction safely behind a transparent aluminum shield. The Flamingo group begin messing with the auction and end up getting the twitchy super villians to fight amongst themselves. The group sheds their disguises and mop up. The Masterminds of the auction barely manage to escape.

Flamingo: Issue #7

Undead Evil Dictator

Cover: Ashley suns herself by the pool in a string bikini with a Flamingo logo on one breast. She wears mirror shades and has a look of horror on her face. Reflected in the mirrored sunglasses is the face of Hitler. This cover has almost nothing to do with what's inside, but the hope is that it will increase comic sales.

Story: The heroes have just gotten back from their field trip to Key West and decide to unwind at their favorite bar, "the Drunken Zombie". Of course, when you are a superhero, you can't ever get any real rest. With that, the Franken-fuher attacks. He is a re-animated corpse of Hitler. That wouldn't be a problem, except the evil scientist that did it, made him supernaturally strong and tough, and made him slightly less paranoid. Fight insues. The Franken-Fuher is defeated, but his head escapes. Ewww..

Flamingo: Issue #8

Fire from Below Evil

Cover: A giant monster made of molten rock walks down the street, leaving charred footprints in the asphalt. D.O.T. stands in the front left of the 3/4 view. He appears to be yelling at the creature for messing up the street. The Flamingo Logo can be seen on the face of a bent street sign. A large blurb at the top of the comic states, "Attack of the Magma-men". Note that they creature in the episode is alone and was never named a Magma-man.

Story: Mysterious earthquakes draw the heroes to the epicenter in downtown Porta Roma. Suddenly, a giant Man made of Magma like substance bursts forth from the city street. The heros begin to battle with the behemoth. Durring the fight, Twilights Shadow powers malfunction. Her Shadow minions attack her and attempt to drag her off. The Great Machine attempts to help Twilight, but seems to be having a bad day. This leaves D.O.T. alone to fact the giant creature. Twilight is taken to a man, also made of shadows. He attempts to take Twilight through a teleporter. The Great Machine bumbles around (due to bad dice karma) and crashes into things. This gives Twilight just enough of an opening to break free. The Shadow man escapes through the teleporter. D.O.T. manages to finish of the magma-man and uses him to repave the broken street.

Flamingo: Issue #9

Evil's Double Trouble

Cover: Great Machine stands face to face (visor to Visor) with another Great Machine. Behind them, D.O.T. and Twilight stand with confused looks. The backround looks like the Heiling Tower's conference room. D.O.T. has a voice buble saying, "Which is the real one." as if it weren't already obvious enough that that may be the problem. The Flamingo logo is on the back wall.

Story: The heroes get troubling reports of strange crimes (vigialanty justice) being reported by Great Machine. After Questioning Joshua, the group decideds there must be a imposter trying to dis-credit Great Machine. Before the group can question the local hookers, they are called to an awards ceremony to present Flamingo with the "Best Dupes in an Obvious Set-up" award at the Porta Roma police banquet. While there, Great Machine sees an assasin and attacks. It turns out to be a glitch in Great Machine's suit sensors. The panic doesn't do our PR any good. The Heros then track the Faux Great Machine to a drug deal and proceed to pummel it. It reverts into a metal brick. The lack of oozing tells us it was unmanned. The Heroes take the brick back for analysis.

Flamingo: Issue #10

Evil's icy Grip

Cover: The group ice skates in their superhero personas. To the left, Ditch witch finishes a snowman. Snow covered palm trees to the right give away the location of the shot. The Flamingo logo is seen on scarves that all he characters wear.

Story: The heros are summoned to Heiling Tower as snow rains down on Porta Roma. The heroes are shown a message that was delivered that contains a warning. Someone is using a weather machine and will attack Heiling tower to discredit Flamingo. Well, Flamingo can certainly discredit itself easily enough, and don't like other people helping. A new hero is introduced to help. It's Skid, the leader of the defunct New Orleans avengers comic. The more numerous Heros fight in the snow cloud to stop nature itself. They find some odd flying robots seem to be controlling the weather. After a tough fight, the storm dissipates. Heiling tower is battered, but still standing. Word comes in that the snow storm was only a preview as a giant Hurricane just formed in the ocean and is headed their way....

Flamingo: Issue #11

Hurricane of Evil

Cover: To the left of the cover Great Machine and D.O.T. sit at a desk that looks like a news show desk. In the center is a weather screen showing a huge Hurricane bearing down on Florida. Ashley and Skid are acting as weather girls. The flamingo logo is clearly seen on a coffee cup.

Story: The heroes have less than a day to stop the hurricane. They waste no time in wasting time. The track down the sorce of the threatening letter was none other than the ambassodor to the Diamante Republic. He is attempting to escape back to the Diamante Republic. Mr. Heiling and a new friend, The shape changing Visage, attempt to persuade the ambassador to call off the storm by looking like Manny Faces. Due to Visage's inability to act like Manny, he is revealed and the ambassodor is physically detained. The real Manny is used to impersonate the Ambassador and he tells the leader of the Diamante Republic that the storm may make it hard to recover the sunken Nazi submarine gold (See episode 1). The storm is slowed, but not stopped so the team battles it head on. They fight more weather robots. Finally, as all hope seems lost, D.O.T. and Great Machine work together to creat a giant Deus Ex Machina that diffuses the Hurricane.

Flamingo: Issue #12

Island of Evil

Cover: The backround is of an airport screening station. Great Machine is setting off the metal detector and D.O.T. loads the X-ray machine with large power tools. Skid and Twilight stand behind them in line, looking annoyed at the hold up. A shadow minion holds Twilight's carry on bag which is emblazoned with the Flamingo Logo.

Story: THe heroes learn that Diamante Republic and its leader are the cause of the CRANK drugs and are sitting on a weather controlling machine. They plan their assault. Posing as Canadians is immediately rejected. Joshua will pose as a technilogical masterming that is trying to sell secrets to the Diamante Republic, with the rest of the group as asistants. The group flys into the republic and is taken to a secret undergroud base near the capital building. They are surronded by guards on CRANK when it is revealed that El Presidente's second in command is a super and the woman that ran the super villian auction. She has recognized the group. The heros pop into action. D.O.T. doesn't have any weapons and Great Machine is knocked out of the battle. Ashley is being beaten badly. D.O.T.'s stamina allows him to weather most of the attacks and he buys the heroes time by trying to take on the leader of the group. Skid and Mrs. Oyah arrive in time to help the heroes escape. They flee in a van and manage to dissuade pursuit.

Flamingo: Issue #13

Island of Evil, Part 2

Cover: All of the Flamingo cast back away from a Woman wreathed in flames. The smoke makes the Flamingo Logo.

Story: Against all reason, the group forefits leaving the island and prepares to return to the capital to finish the fight. They figure that the last place they will be found is back into the serpent's jaws.

Story Notes:
Rubber band - Meet manny/bar - Drug deal - scuffle on the docks - forcible recruiting - auction - franken-fuher - duplicates - hurricane -diamante republic. We defeated the "Rubber Band" who took something out of a recently recovered Nazi Submarine. We didn't recover what they took. Something tells me we are on a collision course with a Hitler Robot. Now we are involved with an evil corporation (Not Enron East). Joshua was kidnapped by them and not by a hooker. We broke up a Super-Villian auction and brought some weird baddies into custody. We fought the Franken-Fuher (A Hitler Zombie, not a Hitler Robot, but close). Now, we are trying to figure out who is trying to Capture Ashley and who is running around in a "Great Machine" like power suit. It seems that someone is trying to embarass and discredit Flamingo, well even more than our group name already does. Whoever it is, has a weather generating machine(s). But, never fear fans, Flamingo will fight on through Hail, sleet, or Huricane. We think the evil Dictator of the Diamante Republic is behind these shenanigans. Time to overthrow a fruit stand.... For America!


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