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Legend of the 5 Rings

Sword slashing adventure in feudal ...... Ryokugan

Matsu Kyoko

Ikoma (Akodo) Bushi School: Rank 4

Lion Bushi trained at the Akodo(ikoma) school. She is dedicated to the beliefs of Bushido and honor. She idolizes the original Akodo. She wants to be a great tactician and the best 'Lion' she can be. A bit Naieve about social pleasantries, she is as strong as an oni.

Earth 3 Stamina 4
    Willpower 3
Water 5 Strength 5
    Perception 5
Fire 4 Agility 4
    Intelligence 4
Air 3 Reflexes 3
    Awareness 3
Void 2 Void 2


Primary Weapon Katana, No-Datchi Kenjutsu 5
To Hit
(5k4+4),(5k4+4) Battle 4
7K2+9, 8K2+9 Bard 2
Initiative 3K3+4, 3K3 Fan Jutsu 3
Other Weapons Katana of Fire
Fan of Water
Heraldry 2
To Hit 5k4+4,3k4+4 History 3
Damage 9K3+9 (5K3),5K2 (0K2) Defense 2
- - Etiquette 1
Tn (No Armor) 15 Kyujutsu 2
Tn (in Armor) 23 Tea Ceremony 2
- - Shintao 2
- - Go 2
- - Lore: Akodo 1
- - Naginata-DO 1
- - Lore: Bushido 3
- - Athletics 1
- - Polearm-jitsu 1

Glory 2 Honor 4
Temp 31 Temp 41

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Combat Reflexes Driven (Join Lion's Pride)
Great Destiny Haunted (3 Ghosts, 1)
Large Idealistic
Higher Purpose  
Servant (peasant Armorer, Ryo) Insight: 202
Strength of Earth (4) XP: 0

Possessions: Katana, No-Dachi, Wakazashi, Tanto, High Quality light armor, Yume (20 arrow), helm, pack, kimono, and 5 koku. Battle fan of Water. Katana of Fire (4K3)(Given to Kazeko). Armor of Earth

Need For Lion's Pride: Agility 5, Lore Bushido 4

Main pic

Doji Kenichi

Kakita Bushi: 4

A social bushi trained as a Kakita duelist. He is a busybody, vain and weak around the ladies. He skilled in the sword and spear. He is an artisan with word, paper and blade. A smidge cynical about the ranking structure of Rokugan society (at least when it is not in his favor).


Earth 3 Stamina 4
    Willpower 3
Water 3 Strength 3
    Perception 3
Fire 4 Agility 4
    Intelligence 4
Air 4 Reflexes 4
    Awareness 4
Void 4 Void 4


Primary Weapon Katana, Wakazashi Iajutsu 4
To Hit
(4k4),(4k4) Etiquette 4
6K2, 5K2 Kenjutsu 1
Initiative 5K4+8, 5K4 Kyujutsu 2
Other Weapons Spear of Air Sincerity 3
To Hit 4k4 (2 attacks) Tea Ceremony 2
Damage 6K4 Origami 4
- - Seduction 4
Tn (No Armor) 20 Shintao 3
Tn (in Armor) 28 History 1
- - Poetry 3
- - Yarijutsu 4
- - Athletics 1

Glory 1 Honor 4
Temp 38 Temp 31

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Balance Lechery
Benten's Blessing Meddler
Quick Obligation (Matsu Kyoko) 4
Voice Vanity
Insight: 212 XP: 1

Possessions: Fine Katana, Fine Wakazashi, Fine Yume (20 arrow), Fine light armor, Fine Helm, Fine pack, Fine Steed, Fine Kimono, Fine Yari, 10 Fine Koku, Fine Super Yari of Fine Death (3k4, additional attack per round, turns invisible to others), Fine Mempo of Void.


Doji Kazeko

A young, female Crane samurai who was trained by Lion Samurai during a long stay with the Lion. A bit unsure of her skills.

Kitsuki Nichi

A Lion Shugenja. Nichi has a problem hearing spirits or ancestors, making him a pariah. He likes Kyoko, but doesn't thnk he is worthy of her.

Miya Katsu

An influential Miya that has been giving the group their tasks.

Miya Yumi

A young Miya courtier. She likes to study the history of ancient artifacts.


The Group has help uncover the treachery that fell the Badger clan, Stopped an oni that was plaguing shipping along the coast, and found the source of a haunted village. They were tasked with finding the 5 famed elemental weapons by Kuni Yori and defeated the five elemental oni during the time (Solving some Murders in Otosan Utchi, Saving two villages from the plague and Saving a monestary in the process). They fought through the Crab/Oni forces at Beiden pass (helping the Ronin force) and helped stave off the Crab invasion of Otosan Utchi while looking to destroy the evil helmet of evil power. Now they are tasked with fighting a war of leadership for the Miya. They are sent to gather forces from the Lion forces currently fighting a border skirmish with the Crane (again). They find that the skirmishes are being instigated by spirits of fallen Samurai who are controlled by a Skorpion. The group difuse a couple battles, kill the Skorpion and complete the ritual to allow 'the fallen' to depart. The group controled of the Matsu "Lion's Pride" and the other half Miya Samurai in order to Stop the crazed Miya Daimyo from possessing the helmet (or being possessed by it). He got possessed and then got beat down. Next the Group scaled the mountains to ring the Tori Arch of Oni banishment and fought a harrowing battle against waves of Oni and Goblins. Upon returning to report to Daimyo Matsu Tsuko, the group learns the army's are converging on the Capital.



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