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Watch out!! There's a Pony right behind You!


Too Late. It's ....

My Little Pony: Black Ops!

Behind the pretty and the pastel colors lies a gritty underworld. Few Ponys have what it takes. Fewer still survive. You do not officially exist. If discovered Hasbro (TM) will disavow all knowledge of your existence.

You are one of PONYVILLE's elite and secretive soldiers.

Your mission is to protect the innocent and allow the lucky masses to romp and play in blissful ignorance that their happy world of hearts, soft colors and magical rainbows is only a gilded cage preventing them from seeing the true nature of their unfortunate existence.


This isn't Horseplay, it's My Little Pony: Black Ops.

The fact you are quadrupedal and have no opposable thumbs doesn't mean you aren't ready for high adventure.

Character Creation


Each stat has a score between 1 and 10. 5 is Pony average. Divide 19+1D8 points among your stats.










Your physical characteristics. How big, tough, and agile you are. Helps you rappel into abandoned warehouses, break a terrorist's neck, and romp in the meadow all day without becoming tired.


Your mental characteristics. How intelligent, quick witted, and emotionally tough you are (for a young horse). Helps you disarm a bomb, plan a surprise counterattack, and be able to memorize a cutesy bed time story.


Your theometurgical characteristics (okay, I didn't want to use Magic again). How powerful, useful, and pretty your magic horse emblem is. Helps you use your 'special ability'.


Your charismatic characteristics. How social, cute, and manipulative you are. Helps you talk down a hostage situation, bluff a guard, and mesmerize a horde of pre-teen human girls into your slack jawed minions.

Skill bonuses: Use the bonus for your skills


Roll Modified


Roll Modified






















Each skill has a range between 0 and 5. As rookies, you have 10 points to distribute between your skills.

Sample Skills

Buff Skills





Martial Arts (Pony Fu)


Pointy things


Shooty things


Arrowy things


Hoof To Hoof Combat






Smarts Skills







Knowledge (Pick)






Cuteness Skills







Get Info






Skill FAQ

The Skills are mostly self-explanatory, but here's some answers to questions your players might ask.

Why is Stealth a Smarts based Skill?

Because I said it was.

Why are their no Language skills?

Because everyone in PONYVILLE speaks English. All other languages and Cultures are evil.

If all other cultures are evil, can I still play a Japanese Samurai Super Saijain Ninja Pony?

No, Get a life! (You know you are sad when people who would play My little Pony: black Ops mock you.)

Why aren't there any magic skills?

Magic stat handles your magic butt symbol. Besides, what are you going to do, Divinate water? Read Tarot? This is My Little Pony: Black Ops and not Strawberry Shortcake: The Reckoning.

Why are their no horsey skills like Cantor, trot, or show jump?

Because no Black Ops Pony would ever be caught dead doing that stuff. But, if you are forced to, use acting.

How can a Horse use a Bow or Gun?

They are special Horse weapons. Now shut up and play.

Can I use my Buff stat with Intimidate?

No, because you are a damn Pony!


As you probably know, at birth every Pony is magically branded with a ritually heated red-hot branding iron of the ancients. Oh, they'd like you to believe that these marks are cute and painless birthmarks proving the pony's magic nature, but you know the truth. The lingering pain of the torture fuels what the humans call Magic.

You can use you magic once per day. You can use it a second time in a day, but is costs you 2 hit points as blood gushes from your brand scar.

Know your Mark. At the beginning of game play, each character must choose a mark and an effect. Here are some samples, but damnit, be creative.


Skull and CrossBones

Your technocolor butt ray does lethal damage to a single individual.


Mudflap girl (of guy)

Distracts those of opposite sex.



Intense heat and radiation burst forth from your hindquarters.


Yosemite Sam

Back Off, You Varmits! Adds to the intimidation factor because you are the rootinist, tootinist, shootinist Pony from here to the Pecos.



You are a fire starter. A twisted firestarter. Only you can prevent...


Black Helicopter

Aids stealth and a rapid escape from the scene of a mission. Increases paranoia, so shine up the tinfoil hat.



Area effect shrapnel. No happy rainbow for you.



Aww.. You're so cute, But WRONG! This is My Little Pony: Black Ops.

Can I have magic that heals my comrades?

Shut up, Maggot. No, You Can't! You could if this were a sweet, loving game, but it's not. It's My Little Pony: Black Ops. You don't get a friend to magically remove all your pain. This is real. Spend six weeks in a hospital bed with a sucking chest wound and a pierced liver and that will teach you to be a bit more stealthy, you pukes. This is a Black Ops organization, not DOOM!

Merits and Flaws

You get 2 points for merits. Flaws add to point total for merits and equipment only.

Breed: You may only select one breed trait (1 Pt.)

Clydesdayle: You are frippin huge (for a Pony). You gain 2 hit points and free beer whenever you want it.

Thoroughbred: Double your ground speed.

Lipizzaner: Add one to any Cuteness roll. -1 for any intimidation role for being a floofy git.

Mustang: Add one to any roll to resist fear, mental attacks, ect. due to your indominable will.

Appaloosa: Add one to any stealth roll due to your natural urban camoflage coat.

Pinto: You can use your Magic 1 more time per day. Pintos always had a problem with the rear end exploding.

Other Merits

Gift Horse (1 Pt.): Strong Teeth deliver a nasty bite. +1 damage for a bite.

Horse of a different color (1 Pt.): You mundane coat allows you to blend into a crowd.

Horse Feathers (1 pt.): You have wings and you fly. Prepare to be made fun of. Bane to anyone who owns a car.

Snake bite Anti-venom (1 Pt.): You are one of the rare horses used to culture anti-venom. You are immune to poison.

Iron Hoofs (1 Pt.): Your hoofs are unusually strong and dense, increase hoof to hoof melee damage by 1.


Gelding/Barren (-1 Pt.): Don't expect to be used as a breeder after you job is done. It's glue for you.

Weak Bones (-1 Pt.): Your weak bones break easier than most. Maybe its time to put you down.

Horse with no name (-1 Pt.): You have amnesia. At least it's good to get out of the rain, but why are you in a damn desert?

Sparkily Hair (-1 Pt.): You have a pretty, sparkily tail and mane, just like most of the My Little Ponys. Too bad this is MLP:Black Ops. Reduce your Stealth rolls by 2.

Dependant (-1 Pt): You have a clingy human girl who has 'adopted' you. Try raiding terrorists with that baggage. Note: you get no points if you slit her throat because she knows too much.

Saddle Sore (-1 pt): Armor and rappelling harnesses irritate your delicate skin. Awww...

Quadrapallegic (-4 Pts): You are completely immobile. You are useless to the Black Ops. If you take this flaw, you are a cheese monkey power gamer. You pony is immediately eaten by a French chef.


You get three points for equipment.

Pistol (1 Pt.): A pistol made for horses to use. (1D4 damage)

Rifle/SMG (1 Pt.): A rifle/SMG made for horses to use.(1D6 Damage)

Bow (1 Pt.): A Bow made for horses to use. Don't ask how.(1D4 Damage)

Knife (1 Pt.): A survival Knife made for horses to use.(1D4 Damage)

Silencer (1 Pt.): Silences a pistol or rifle/smg.

Garrotte wire (1 pt.): essential for stealth kills.(1d4 Damage, 1D6 for stealth attack)

Scooter (2 Pt.): Too bad PONYVILLE is too wussy to have real motorcycles.

Black suit (1 pt.): High fashion for any true Black Ops commando.

Armored Vest (1 pt.): Subtracts 1 damage from every non-hoof to hoof attack.

Rappelling gear (1 pt.): the only way to travel.

Low light goggles (1 pt.): allows you to see at night. Too bad your eyes are on the side of your head.

Cardboard box (Free): Does nothing to hide you from guards. No one is that stupid.

Hairbrush (Free): All Ponys have them to brush their beautiful hair. Cannot be used for combat.

Hey! Why the Long Face? It's My Little Pony: Black Ops

Game Play

For any Action Roll, Roll a D4, D6 and a D8. Add any Bonuses for your Stats and your Skill level. Check the target number. If you beat the target number, you succeed. The average target number is 10.

To Attack, roll a D4, D6 and a D8. Add your Buff stat bonus + your weapon skill. You target is 10 + the opponents Smarts Stat bonus. Ties miss.

Hit pints: Every pony starts with 10 Hitpoints plus their Buff Stat bonus.

Damage: Roll damage if you hit. Unarmed attacks do 1 point of damage (or your Buff Stat Bonus). Surprise attacks do triple damage.

Magic in combat: The PONY-Master should determine how magic is used in the situation. If the magic does damage, it does a damage equal to the Stat number (not Stat bonus) to one target, half if it does area effect.

Sample Adventure

Oh no! The evil 'Hoof and Mouth' Terrorists have activated a sleeper cell and they have taken over the PONYVILLE nuclear power plant (What? You thought Rainbows were coal powered?). The terrorists are threatening to melt down the plant and irradiate all of PONYVILLE. There are 10 terrorist ponies and 6 hostages. You have 24 hours to resolve the stand off before the PONY dance festival. Go!

Comming Soon!

Sea Ponies! And you thought only the Navy had S.E.A.L. teams.


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