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Space Master

Calculus.... In ..... Space.....

Fighting to keeps space safe... well, for us at least. Space Opera extrodinaire.




Military soldier. Marine. Heavy Weapons trained. Crowd control trained. Piloting Trained.


Police Officer assigned to the Space Defence Force. Has a Cyber arm packed with goodies.After his ship 'blowd up real good', he is now packing cyber eyes, a cyber spleen, cyber colon and health radiation induced glow.

Ka'Tak'Ik "Bug"

Psionic bug alien. Likes tea.Has mostly kicked the habit of eating humans.



NPC Fighter Pilot. Current commander of our super secret Space carrier.



A group of pirates we hijacked into helping us.


A group of humanoids whose ship got wrecked while they were in stasis.

Commodore 64

Not his real name. Captain of a battleship that was considered treasonous because they knew someone who kind of knew outr group. They ended up joining us.


Notes and Others

Well, we started off as a fairly normal group of ISC (space commision) troubleshooters. We were picked to be able to fly the ISC's new space superiority fighter. On a pirate hunting mission, our group encounters a super strong psionic guy (human, supposedly) who claims to be a god. We heard that before and take it on ourselves to try tracking him down. As we do, we stumble upon a secret organization with in the ISC called the "Blue Circle group". We accidentally ruffle some feathers by looking for information and the higher ups in the ISC who also belong to the secret organization decide to dissuade us. This backfires, because we are stubborn morons. We break in to the super secret base where all the super weapons are made and get questioned by a Blue Circle, ISC General. She's ordered to kill us, but we manage to kidnap her and escape. Now, we are stuck in this heavily guarded munitions plant/asteroid about to be arrested for treason. So, we steal a quartet of super secret fighter craft and blast our way out. Now, we could escape with those but they can only hang us once. We ended up parking on the brand new, super secret, super carrier. After subduing the skeleton crew, we jacked it and escaped. In one fell swoop, we went from ISC operatives to public enemy number 1 through 4. We continued looking for Mr. God Psionic because we had no other goals after being declared enemies of the state. Besides, If you have a one of a kind, stolen battle carrier, you have to show it off to pick up chicks. Alsong the way we managed to find the "Blue Circle" of the "Blue Circle Group" and allow them to escape and picked up a pirate force and a bunch of defectors from the ISC space fleet. Our Armada flys through space and finds it quite easy to cause unintended calamaties, just by being around. We are now attacking Earth so that they will hopefully realize that we are the good guys. We attack for peace? Of course, we aren't good at 'subtle'. We blow a hole through Earth's defenses and through the ISC's HQ building. We chase the former head of the ISC Intelligence division through the streets of San Diego (already in ruins before we got there, but we didn't help much). He escaped into space and left us to die under the sea. We escaped sealab 2021 just before the 'loud report'. We trecked aroung the galaxy until someone decided that our psychos were perfect to carry out a diplomatic mission to a newly discovered planet that may or may not want to join the ISC. Well, as you can guess, we botched it up something awful. IT didn't help that our old Nemesis "Psychic Skippy" used his mental powers to make us look like even worse bad guys. So, they kicked us off planet. And our response was to sneak back on planet and try to cause a robotic uprising. Is this becoming a theme? If we don't like the government, we spark an armed revolt. Anyway, it came down to a duel with "Psychic Skippy" and we found his weakness, kicked him while he was down and then curb stomped him. Now, we have taken over his remaining forces and found his weapons cache. Will all this power go to our character's head? Will they try to rule space with an iron fist? Or will they give the power to the ISC?


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