Sub-standard Superhero Hall of Fame

Super Hero concepts that have come up over time.

Martial Arts Brain in a Pan

A brain with eyes on optic nerves and a black belt tied around its midsection. Based on Gurps rules. You can play a brain in a pan as a Disadvantage, but get telekinesis to allow you to move and protect your squishy matter.

Mid-life Crisis Man...

...and his Mid-life crisis car. Also add his side kick, Trophy Wife. Of course, his nemesis is 'X-Wife' and the 'The Kids'.

D.O.T. and Ditchwitch

A mild mannered road crewman before his entrenching machine hit a grave an became possessed by a 18th century Salem ghost (his entrencher, not him).

Lemming Man

Protects the city from the rooftops... and then throws himself off them.

Captain Loratab (Lora Tab)

Nickname after an NPC had the power to take away pain.

Super Trent Resnor

He's Angsty! He's goth! Now he's super powered...

Captain Corndog

He may be coated in a flaky cornbread, but inside he's all meat. Umm.. That's all we are going to say about that.


A disembodied brain that uses illusions to make itself look human and telekinesis to move. A freak accident turned this brain surgeon into a BRAIN surgeon.

Captain Incontinence

He fights crime in an adult diaper. He can control most matter but can't control his bladder.

"Has that one tune stuck in his head" Man

Gets his crazy powers because he has that one tune stuck in his head. You know the one. It goes like...

The Narcoleptic Trio

They are Strong! They are Quick! They are.... Zzzzzzz.

Mr. Person Guy, The Amazing Generic Man

He's Super Average.


The Yeast Master

His control of baked goods and bread products is total. He can see through their eyes, if they had them, and have them attack, if only they could move.

Bizarro (just about anything)

It's your normal person, place or thing, only Bizarro! Behold, Bizarro Pizza Rolls! Try it, it's fun.

Burning Rubber

Speedster and professional porn movie star. Just.. Don't ... Ask..

Osh Kosh Shaggoth

Chibi Cthulian Gods. Started with a another person's character on an on-line game being 'Kid Cthulu'.

White Trash Man

Straight from the radioactive trailer park to your town. Wifebeater and 73' Ford pickup with no exhaust optional.

The Enabler

While not good or bad, the Enabler makes excuses for the villian's behavior. "He only beats me because he loves me."

Dr. Kielbasa (Kill-Basa?)

The evil Polish mastermind.

Refrigerator Magnet Man

Magneto's wimpy little brother. He only has the power to stick to large metal objects and screw up you hard drive, but he looks like a colorful piece of plastic fruit or a reminder to buy pizza.

Mercenary (Neither Good or Bad)

Jihad Man

Based on the Mutants and Mastermind's power to change your body into explosives, blow up and reform. He blows up any injustice he sees and then is pissed that he came back instead of joining Allah. "The drink machine took my money... For Allah! BOOM! I'm still alive? Damn!"

Really Deep Man

He's really deep, Man. Dispenses information. Taken from an MST3000 Joke.

The Dope Peddler

Information merchant and drug dealer. He'll give you the 'straight dope' or the regular kind.

The Fish Mongrel

A fish Monger who went to the dogs.

The Flasher

Due to an accident with a herbal Penis enlargement supplement and a glow stick, the flasher inherited the power of a really bright wang. Now he fights crime dressed in only a trenchcoat. A single flash blinds his foes. He would be a good guy except he likes using his powers on unsuspecting women as well as bad guys.


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