Glacia Bergshrund


Many years ago, in the small town of Wasingham, a father paced nervously awaiting his wife to give birth to their first child. He was worried. The midwife had been helping his wife for too long. The birth was difficult and that wasn't the only problem. It was storming outside, a snowstorm in this area was quite rare and did not bode well as an omen. Suddenly, a gust of wind broke open the window shutters and blast of freezing wind shot through the small house. A chill ran up the man's spine. He paused. Through the whistle of the wind, he heard the sound of a baby crying. He quickly re-shuttered the window and hurried to see his wife. The man saw his wife, obviously tired from the ordeal, smiling proudly. "It's a girl," she said weakly. The mid-wife finished cleaning the baby, but her face bore concern. "I have never seen a baby like this." She murmured to herself. The mid-wife quickly finished and handed the baby off to the waiting father. The father eagerly gazed at the small child in his arms, but it was obvious the child was not normal. Her skin was very pale and the small bit of hair on her hair was white. Finally, the baby stared back at its father with brilliant blue eyes. A cold blue that seemed to pierce his very soul. "Whose child is this?" The father said in disbelief. "She is Terelim's daughter," The mid-wife said. "She is our daughter." The wife replied.

A half dozen years later, a small girl walked down a dark corridor. Her breath was visible in the cold air as her small bare feet padded along the stone. Despite the cold, she wore a light sleeping gown and clutched a small doll in her hand. She moved towards a heavy oak door. Light poured from under the door letting the small girl know the person she sought was inside. She gently knocked on the door. An older woman opens the door and scanned the corridor before finally dropping her gaze to find the small visitor. "Glacia?" the woman said, "What are you still doing awake?" The older woman, like the child, was pale skinned with white hair. Unlike the younger child, the woman's lips and fingernails were blue signifying her power and status. The older woman had blue eyes as well, but no where near as deep blue as the young child in front of her. In fact, the older woman felt a little uncomfortable under the gaze of the child's eyes. "I have a question, Abbess," The girl said.

"Very well, enter." The Abbess said, ushering the young girl to a chair. "What is your question?"

"Where am I from?" Glacia said without even a pause.

"You are from Terelim, my child. Why do you ask?" The Abbess said analyzing the child's reactions as she would an adult.

"I am different from the others. The other sisters who come here usually arrive her being older than me. They also talk of their families they came from. The arrive having reddish skin and colorful hair. They pick on me because I look like the older, graduated sisters." As the child spoke, the Abbess could not detect any sorrow or desire for pity from the child, only curiosity.

"You are special," the Abbess said. She paused and watched the child. She could tell the child was upset with the answer, knowing there was more. Even at this age, she could read others very well. "Your family is from a town called Wasingham. You came here when you were very young, with only that doll. You were born with the blessing of Terelim. As such, there is no better place for you than here. You have a destiny that only mother Terelim can know, but it will be special and grand."

The child looked at the doll. "This doll is my family." She said matter-of-factly, seemingly satisfied.

"We are all your family. Always honor your family." The Abbess said. The young girl nodded.

"Who are the Q'aan?" She said

"Our enemies. There will be time for you to hear of them another time." The Abbess said, ushering the girl back to bed.


As the years passed, the young Glacia grew and matured. She joined the Ice Maidens in their martial pursuits, preferring the heft of the blade to the punches and kicks of some of the other sisters. Besides, she knew she was not as graceful as they were. She was determined to serve Terelim, and she could do the most good with a sword and armor against the Q'aan. She was strong, but still wasn't a match for some of the others in endurance or grace. She did excel outside the field of combat. Her curiosity and intelligence aided her in the classes at the Nunnery. She had a gift with conversation and good grasp on any situation, even catching some of the older sisters in logic traps and mediating their disputes. Most dramatic was her presence. Glacia is known for her oratories and her demeanor, which was cold and piercing as an arctic wind, as determined as a glacier and as beautiful as a newly fallen snow. When not training physically or praying, she often read. Occasionally, she would engage in her hobby, which was to carve small toys and holy symbols. She especially enjoyed making little dolls like the one she had kept from when she was a child. The Virginals worked with the Elves and Dwarves of the mountain to stop the advance of the Q'ann. Glacia had become friends with a dwarven family and even learned their language. She had given some of her best dolls to the young girls in the Dwarven community. That was one of the rare times that Glacia would open up. She had friends with some of the other Virginals her age. Actually, almost everyone liked her and she was quick to help. But still the friendship felt more of an association than of the warmth of true friendship. She had learned all the Nunnery could teach her about the Q'ann and the world. The Abbess as well as the elder council agreed that it was time for Glacia to seek her destiny. She was given the task of checking on Q'ann movements in other parts of the realm and to proselytize Terelim.


Glacia has grown into a fine young woman of about 20 year of age. She has very pale skin and white hair. Her hair reaches down to the middle of her back when it is not tied up to fit into a helmet. Her deep blue eyes are very striking. She stands 5' 6" tall and has an athletic build that is a little on the frail side. She is most comfortable in her simple traveling gear and armor, but she understands that that is not the best attire to comfort everyone so she also has a simple nun outfit, similar to clerical vestments. She has an air of confidence and wisdom about her and she fits the perception of the Virginals as mediators. She will help anyone who needs although they may not like her blunt and accurate pronouncements as she does. She is also very slow to anger, or to any emotion for that matter. Not that she has no emotions, its that she is professional above all else.





Glacia in Armor Glacia








Female Divani Paladin 8
Lawful Good
Representing: Pochi

Character Sheet

Serac Character Sheet

Glacia Items of Note

Terelim Diadem

Diadem: Given to Glacia by her Godess Terelim. Emerald and Silver and "worthy of a princess". Material Value : 5000 GP. True Value: Priceless Relic

Terelim Diadem

+2 Keen Longsword: Found by the Swords among the detris in the Darkdreamer tunnels.

Game Info

Divani (Terelim):

  • Extra feat at first level (already included)
  • +2 CHA, -2 INT (Terelim Divani are very eloquent and beautiful, born to be peacemakers and mediate between hostile forces, however the life of a nun in a convent does not impart practical knowledge of the world)
  • Immunity to Cold - Terelim maidens cannot feel normal cold, they have a DR 15 cold resistance.
  • Coldsnap - A Terelim Divani, through force of will, can make her skin frigid to the point that anyone touching it takes 1d4+1 per level damage. She can do this 1 time per day. This can aid unarmed attacks as well as be a defense when she is mishandled. This is an instant action.
  • Coldweather Alliance - Terelim has alliances with cold weather creatures, they automatically have their reactions shifted one rank in her benefit and are never initally hostile to her. Winter wolves have their reactions shifted by 2 ranks..
  • Peacemaker - a Divani of Terelim is unnaturally eloquent and gains an automatic +2 to all CHA Checks.
  • Cold Proficiency - Any spell with a 'cold', 'frost', or 'ice' descriptor is easier for her to cast and she adds +2 DC to the saving throws of her opponent.
  • Native Outsider - The blood of a Divani makes a Terelim Divani no longer human.
  • +1 ECL


  • Aura of Good
  • Detect Evil
  • Smite Evil (2x/day; add +4 to melee attack roll, paladin levels to damage)
  • Divine Grace (level 2)(Add CHA to all Saves)
  • Lay on Hands (level 2)(Level x CHA) = 8 x 4 = 32
  • Aura of Courage (level 3) (Immune to Fear, +4 to allies,10 ft.)
  • Divine Health (level 3)(Immune to all Disease)
  • Turn Undead (level 4)(3 + 4 per day)
  • Special Mount (level 5)
  • Remove Disease (level 6)
  • Code of Conduct / Association
  • High wisdom gains bonus spells daily


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