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The Rhyme of Bear

The life of Bear after the campaign ended.

Bear, a little known bardic story.

Even before the defeat of the elder snake god, Yig, bards had sung about a certain group of rising adventurers. Several of those same adventurers were responsible for the victory at the main gates of Mithral Keep. Of the adventurers, Bear usually got only a foot note in much of those stories. Stories about bear did not make as good bardic songs or stories, as did the other colorful characters of the group. Bear was the fighter who hid under armor and tore through evil and creatures alike. Not dramatically, never uttering a heroic speech, but just efficiently accomplishing what needed to be done. Rewards were not expected, but not refused. After the epic battles in the dreamland, which had few witnesses, the adventurers settled back into their lands outside Baldurís gate. The adventurers slowly drifted apart as the individuals reached for their own goals. Bear had managed to attract a large army of warriors searching for fame, fortune and adventure. Bear was trained as a fighter but had sought to learn as much as he could about the outside world that didnít involve fighting, yet he was stuck in his role. If he didnít fight for the weak and oppressed, someone else would have to, Bear reasoned. He had a much better chance of standing up to a fight than most people. A peasant farmer could not stand up to a band of bandits and live while protecting his family, but Bear could. So, the fighter who hated to fight, hated to kill, was forced to endure so that others would not have to bloody their own hands. Bear and his army roamed through out the Realms protecting the innocent and destroying evil. Bear was incased in armor as he fought while his heart was always encased in thick steel of its own. Emotions were few from the large chin-ed leader and even drink could not pry loose a smile or a tear that surely lie dormant in his heart. As his old adventuring buddies faded into the Realms with their own endeavors and glories, any humanity that they had released from Bear also faded. Bear did his job like always. Never resting or taking a break from what must be done. Even surrounded by his growing army of followers, Bear was alone. Armor over his flesh and over his soul and alone among a crowd. The army took longer and longer campaigns away from the base at Baldurís gate. Eventually, the Army marched into the sunset and into history. Some say they went to Thay to battle the red wizards. Some say they were defeated and slaughtered to the man. Most believe Bear, at least, is still out there, somewhere. Still fighting for others. Still fighting to find himself.