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D&D: Forgotten Realms

Run by Bill

An intrepid band of adventurers trek the continents to stop a mad man who calls himself a god. Cults, Artifacts, and Prophecies.. Oh My!



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Sorcerer. Tall, male human with long black hair. Prefers Reds and Greens in his robes. Hails from Dagger Falls and is childhood friends with Gilbert and Kal. He has a penchant for violence and explosions that seems to run in his family. Likes to use a whip dagger, when the spells run out.

Items of Note: Water Whip (+?), Gauntlets of Lightning, Cloak of Resistance, Magic Hand.

Kal (Kalona)

Rogue. Petite, human woman. The street rat, orphan, who was taken in by the people of Dagger Falls. Grew up with Gilbert and Brandon. Dislikes Brandon due to a tub peeping incident (among other offenses). Was thought killed by the evil NPCs, but was actually captured, tortured and subsequently rescued by the group. Lingering effects of the incident have left Kal scared of being left behind and a bit more sadistic. Now an NPC.

Items of Note: Leather Armor (+1), Dagger (+1), Crossbow (poison arrows), riding Horse, Servant.

Sir Gilbert Ranseur

Fighter. Tall, strapping human male with close cut sandy blond hair. The son of the resident noble of Dagger Falls. Grew up on a steady diet of knightly tales and wants to be a great war hero like his father. Uses his father's Bastard Sword, or a lance when atop a horse.

Items of Note: Father's Bastard Sword (+1 Keen), Masterwork Plate Mail, Large Shield (+1), Masterwork Hvy. Lance, Heavy War Horse (named "Honor") with chain barding and Horseshoes of the Zephyr, Riding/pack horse (named "Justice"),



Cleric. A male Elf. Traveling the worlds of man to preach the glory of the Elven Pantheon (Mainly Corellion Larethian). Too bad he can't get past his disdain for the lowly creatures that walk the same world as the glorious Elven civilization. But, if you get past that, he's a swell guy. Helped save Dagger Falls and healed Gilbert's father.

Items of Note: Wand of Cure Medium Wounds, +3 Studded Leather (modified Drow-style armor reconsecrated to Corellion Larethian), a +1 Longsword (of Elven make), +2 Longbow, riding horse


Fighter. A female, human, trader that the group picked up in Chult. Own's a trading company and believes money makes her royalty. She is quite greedy. Has apparently traded with every square inch of Faerune, so is an expert at all cultures and locales. Uses a double bladed sword and is apparently afraid of horses.

Items of Note: Double bladed sword, Mithral shirt, Lots of armor gems, Falchion (+1), Mace (+1)


Fighter. A female Elven archer who joined the group after a run in with a kidnapping ring. She was working for the king of Waterdeep and claims to have a connection to Dagger Falls, but her family left well before the human character's were born. Uses a pretty mean bow.

Items of Note: Mithral Shirt, Bow

Sir Ardus Penthea

Palladin. Recently revived from a curse that turned him into a statue for 300 years. Is dedicated to hunting down Drow and killing them. Uses a Mace and shield. Very few people remember his name. Recently killed by a Giant and re-incarnated as ...?

Items of Note: Large Shield (+3), Mace (+2)

Important Non-Party members (NPCS)

Aegis Wolves

A secret organization that prowls Faerun, keeping it safe. Like the Harpers, but more multi-cultural.

Sephrana and Maakreon

A drow elven, female, wizard and a human, male, fighter, respectively. They are Aegis wolves that helped push the party onot our quest.


Baddie! Female, human, fighter. Lawful evil and believes herself royalty. Currently working for the evil guys.Captured and tortured Kal.


Baddie! Evil man who thinks he is a god. Never met him, but he has an evil cult.


A Female, human, Fighter type who looks exactly like Kahli. Wears Silver armor and seems to be good.

Rahnee and Varlant

Former Aegis Wolves who saved the world last time. We are tracking down their stuff.

Characters, Lost or Dead


Grew up in Dagger Falls. Daughter of the Blacksmith. Got homesick and returned home right after the group left.


Half-Orc Barbarian. Apparently good enough to be a Aegis Wolf. Gets the group into trouble and then would run away. Bit off more than he could chew by charging into a Lizardman village.


Daughter of Sefrana and Machrion. Wander away from the party in Chult. We hope she is still alive, since her parents will be pissed with us otherwise.

The Story so far...

Chapter one... Growing up.

Dagger Falls is a sleepy village in the Dalelands, just East of the great desert. Suddenly, an army of goblins descends from the mountains and assaults the town. The town fights off the menace with help from a female knight on horseback, but only barely. The town asks a group of young adults, and a friendly traveling Elven Cleric, to venture out and stop the Goblins from regrouping. The group finds the Goblins grouped at a Wizards tower and manages to disrupt the band enough for them to disperse. The triumphant group returns home. A strange pair of travelers report that Monsterous creatures all over Faerun suddenly went mad and attacked villages and towns. This spurs the group to travel out to discover the cause. They leave town as caravan guards, heading to Waterdeep. The caravan is attacked by the Edren cult and the group flees to an Elven city. They are wined and dined by Machrion and Sepfrana, who are VIPs in the town. The group is sent out again. The bumble past the cult again and loose Kal while scouting, pick up a barbarian and Machrion & Sefrana's daughter and get involved in some small town politics. Finally, they reach Waterdeep, but they find their quest takes them across the sea, to Chult.

Chapter two... A three hour tour.

The group hires a ship and crew to take them across the sea to Chult. Of course, Kali and the cult are right on their heels. Kali gives the group the offer to join them, but the group refuses. As the group reaches Chult, the cult attacks. The adventurer's ship takes a risky venture into a storm to avoid the cult, but ends up on the rocks, wrecked. The survivors trek around the island of Chult to their original destination, but encounter lizardmen and a cult fortress. Redeye is killed by the Lizardmen. The group manages to free Kal and another guy tied up infront of the cult's fortress and escape in one of the cult's ships. The group arives in the only real town in Chult and gets a guide to take them inland. After a long journey, they find the burial temple of Ran-ee, an acient hero who may have the sword that will stop Edren. Too bad it is locked up under a magical force field. To unlock it, you need four magic keys to unlock it. Luckily, we found one by accident. Unluckily, the rest are spread across the world. Brandon is turned into a turtle and eventually restored. So we head back to Waterdeep with a trader/guide.

Chapter Three... North by Northwest.

Are next clue for the key is to travel to the far north to find the Arch-mage Varland's keep. Before we can do that, the group meets a pair of investigators in Waterdeep who are searching for kidnappers. We follow some and find they are using teleportation gateways to send the slaves to the Drow. So, the group follows the portal and attacks the Drow. To bad it took us a good amount of time to find out how to get back, which almost gets us killed. It also gave Brandon time desecrate Loth's altar, which pissed her off. When we finally get out, we are rewarded for our heroics and then head out to the northlands.


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