Player: 8-track

My Dungeons & Dragons game, Forgotten Realms

Set around Waterdeep.

The Keep: Summary

First Floor: Welcome room/stable

Second Floor: Library

Third Floor: Guest Bedrooms

Fourth Floor: Kitchen and supplies

Fifth Floor: Alchemical Lab

Sixth Floor: Master Bedroom

Seventh Floor: Astronomy room

The cast

Joshua Saxon

Burly, Human Fighter. Has two speeds, Kill and puree. Likes his Warhammer. Not the best at negotiation.


Human sorcerer. Has two speeds, kill(selective) and kill all. Not the best at negotiations.likes his whip.

Jastra Eveningfall

Elven Rogue. Book worm and adventurer for knowledge.

Gregor Ilputin

Human Cleric (Lithander). Courage and piety make up for the fact that he is about as sharp as his mace.

Ms. Darcey

Human Rogue. Smart, but has her own agenda that doesn't always include the group.

Eresan Silverfrond

Elven Bard. vocal (in song and opinion). Has two speeds, Bitch and Frappachino. We aren't sure why on the second one.

This group is brought to you by the Temple of Gond's new "Bag o' Cleric". Yes this revolutionary magic device looks like an attractive traveling pouch, but it contains a miniature, magical Preist of Gond puppet. He moves. He talks. He even heals. For a nominal fee, he'll even make holy water. Get it today.

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Main pic

Friends and foes


Foe? Flame mage with an agenda


Friend: Owner of the "Over Accesorized Adventurer."

Mr. Walton

Foe (deceased): Doppleganger merchant

Dagger Vrees

Foe: (deceased) Right hand man to Mr. walton. Wants to take up where his boss left off.

The Story, so far.

Having already broken a plot to starve Waterdeep with an orcish seige and restored a prince to his rightful palce on the throne, the adventurers learn that they are embroiled in a bigger plot. Which side should they choose? Are they just unwitting pawns? That takes a back seat when they find a destroyed village and a trail that leads to an dwarven citadel, overrun with orcs. Well, our friends of justice lost their army to the orcs and accidentally dropped a mountain on them. They now wander about trying to find a good place to look for any Orcs still causing trouble.




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