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My Dungeons & Dragons game, Forgotten Realms Extra Planar

Land of High Sun

Description of the Plane

The cast


Macabe Human Warlock, with necromantic tendencies. New to the group. Sees Albert as a mockery of his demonic heritage. Voted 'Most likely to turn myself into a Lich" in highschool.


Half-Dragon (prismatic), Monk, Sorceress. Being half-Dragon, she is very distinct looking as non-human. She has wings growing out of her back. To avoid attention, she usually keeps covered up in Burka style wrappins. Has somewhat of a meternal conection with the group, especially Albert.



Human Wizardess (air elementalist). Practical and clam, she is from this plane. Is strong with Air and Electricity spells.


Tiefling Rogue. Very young and Naive.Has bat wings growing out his back. Likes Candy and girls. Has a chicken as his familiar.

Main pic

Friends and foes

Scarcillious (Scar)

Powerfull Rakasha who owns the trio. Revieled to have some human blood (Only the party knows this as it would be a huge disgrace in the Rakshasa community).


Dwarven Cleric, Deceased, mostly. Currently re-incarnated into a Hawk.


Ogre fighter, deceased. Currently stuffed


Air Elemental 'Zephyr' (Inari's), Cat (Illanu's), Hippogrif 'Bobo' (Dwarf's), and Chicken 'Catchatori' (Albert's).

Scar's wives

Scar has a harem of Rakshasha wives. they tend to (and are allowed) to be more headstrong than the typical female Rakshasha in this society. Scar's first wife, and most powerful, is Rubi. Rubi is very bossy and selfish, but is also strong both physically and mentally.

The Story, so far.

Well our trio fought off a pirate attack, found some of their fellow slaves butchered by an outside party, found the perpetrator as the Drooling, idiot Rakasha named Vin and then fought his brother in a mine to get back a nearly useless trinket. Scar is up to something, but the group has been dealing with mundane things like run away monsters at the bazaar, sand pirates, (no sand Nazis yet), stopping smugglers, picking up unique critter's for Scar's menagerie, and dealing with Scar's annoying wives. The group recently rescued Scar's wife (Rubi) from a trap, but Scar was attacked while his body guards were away. What's up with that. The group ends up foiling a power play against Scar by a few powerful Rakshasha. It seems that wheels are in motion for a big shake up in the current power structure. Scar seems to have a plan to reach the top.
Scar sends the group to weaken his rivals (and respond to a attack). He also wants to send the major powers into a power struggle to deflect attention from his master plan. The group meets up with the pirate ship that has been frequently encountered and find it is captained by a Rakshasha who reveals that he is Scar's son (with Rubi). He has a Lilend that is second in command by the name of Serenade.



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