Bitter K's Gundam Seed Destiny episodes

Episodes 1-10

Mayu Figure

Ah Hah, The rare Mayu figure. No assembly required, because that's how she looks in most of her screen time.

Episode 1
Synopsis: Several years after Seed ends, ZAFT and Earth are at an uneasy peace. Aslan and Calgari are visiting a ZAFT colony that is building GUNDAMs off of ORB models. Stop me if you have heard this one before. A group of commandoes infiltrates the base and steals the Gundam prototypes. The good guys jump on an experimental new battleship that wasn't quite ready to launch and give chase.
Comment 1: Do young girls really care more about their cell phones than survival? That's probably the stupidiest plot twist since "I have to go back through the alien invasion so no one reads my diary".
Comment 2: What type of security do you put around your super secret weapon prototypes? Caution tape? "Warning, this means you" signs?

Episode 2
Synopsis: The mecha fight continues. Aslan plays 'Grand Theft Gundam' and picks up a mobile suit to save Calgari. Calgari, who actually fought in a Gundam in SEED, forgets everything and becomes helpless. She beans her air head off of the cockpit and gets hurt. That prevents Aslan from killing everyone in a five nautical mile radius and ending the show before it starts. They escape to the battleship.
Comment 1: Is a space battleship the best place to take an injured person? the colony didn't have a stupid hospital?
Comment 2: If you change your name, no one recognizes you? Or was Aslan just dumb enough to think that? I bet it was Calgari's Idea.

Episode 3
Synopsis: The new teen gang aboard the Minerva meet each other as the Minerva chases 'Bogey 1'. Shin's angst clashes with Calgari's air-headedness with loud report.
Comment 1: In war, it is apparently really easy to pick out one person to blame for every death.
Comment 2: Being Angsty gives you supermecha powers and commanders like to put the anti-social people in the newest mecha.

Episode 4
Synopsis: Oh no! The Minerva is ambushed in a manuver that wouldn't outwit a waterpail. 'Bogey 1' and Metal Mask Man (3M) attack Minerva while the psycho Gundam pilots attack Angsty Shin and Token Female LunaMaria. Aslan saves the day by being stupid and everyone runs away.
Comment 1: Space Battleships aren't electronically controlled. The pilots have to tug really hard on their joysticks to turn the ship.
Comment 2: If the civilian tactical genius yells out an order in combat, don't turn around and stare at him for 5 minutes.
Comment 3: Flares work better than radios in space as retreat signals.

Episode 5
Synopsis: A bunch of rebels manage to get enough rocket motors to try to de-orbit the abandoned space colony "Junius 7" onto Earth. I guess that will teach them. ZAFT (way out in space) figure out what's happening well before the Earthers (who apparently don't notice the large shadow getting larger) Minerva and Izak's Squadron are scrambled to stop it. We are also introduced to the evil Earth illuminati society who have their own Tres Kushrinata (Gundam Wing) clone.
Comment 1: The Evil Earther has a cat, talk about original.
Comment 2: They gave the Anti-social Psycho from the first series a command? He must be real fun to serve under.
Comment 3: Space squadrons carry anti-asteroid, anti-colony drill missiles, just in case.
Comment 4: Where do you get enough rocket motors to deorbit a huge chunk of rock?

Episode 6
Synopsis: Earth finally gets wind that something is up and instead of training miners to fly to space and blow it up, they send in 'Bogey 1'. 'Bogey 1's psycho pilots attack the ZAFT forces who are trying to help. Aslan flys out to help. It is kind of neat to see the survivors of the first series in normal mobile suits kick the butts of the enemy Gundams, because they have experience. Shock! Experience wins out over the cool toys? Never! Sharp eyed viewers will notice that some of the civilian scenes on Earth were recycled from the beginning of the first series.
Comment 1: Why does the blind guy have a TV?
Comment 2: At one point, a reporter asks an Earth leader if they can avoid the falling colony? I didn't know Earth has a dodge.
Comment 3: Voice communication's in space can be picked up by the enemy, so use Text messages for really important messages.
Comment 4: I want to point out that Shin's beam weapons were cutting huge chunks of debris in half a couple episodes ago, and here they are needing to cut crap in half, but oddly no Shin beam. Was it on break?

Episode 7
Synopsis: Lego Gundam (because its made from smaller pieces), Aslan, The Minerva and Most of the Space Colony "Junius 7" land on Earth. Some more gracefully than others. The Minerva parks in at Orb at Calgari's insistence. Shin gets pissy at Calgari when she says something stupid, which is quite often.
Comment 1:Why do fragments from space seek out national monuments?
Comment 2:Why do Gundam's that are made for space combat have analog, dial altimeters that take up large portions of the cockpit? Kind of useless in space.

Episode 8
Synopsis: Minerva gets repaired at Orb. Calgari tries, pathetically, to have a thought of her own as her cabinet pushes her to have Orb join the Earth alliance that we all know is evil (so far). Hmm.. wait, an anoying character who was made representative of a group of people because dumb luck kept them from being killed in the last war and their ability to be talked into anything by the lamest of arguments and peer pressure ends up damning millions to death. Calgari is Jar Jar Binks! Meanwhile the rest of the cast from Seed meets with the current cast of Destiny for no apparent reason. Aslan has a sports car. In the end, Aslan decides to be a martyr and save anyone else from Calgari by giving her an engagement ring.
Comment 1: Vice captains apparently have a weak spot on the elbows.
Comment 2:Hey Kira, Pacifism seems to working out great. Good job! The world is a much better place.
Comment 3:Does everyone in Orb have goldfish memories? They really want to join the group that blew up most of their country less than two years ago and no one has a problem with this?

Episode 9
Synopsis:In response for having a colony dropped on them (Wasn't this the plot of Char's Counterattack?), The Earth Alliance declares war on ZAFT. The evil anti-coordinator guy hatches a plan to nuke ZAFTs home colony of PLANT (keeping up with the acronyms? Good.). Both sides deploy their coolest new toys and the fighting comes to a draw. Aslan is stuck in the middle and meets Lacus Clyne at PLANT. But, isn't Lacus on Earth, feeding Kira sedatives? We'll find out next episode.
Comment 1: Ok. The colony 'Junius 7' getting nuked caused the hatred that led to the colony war in SEED and now dropping it on Earth causes the SEED Destiny war. I'm kinda glad it's gone. That thing was bad luck.
Comment 2:Meteorites hate Dolphins.
Comment 3:It's a good thing that Earth Force never took of the Nuclear warning stickers on the sides of the Missiles or ZAFT would have been in deep poo.

Episode 10
Synopsis: The Citzens of PLANT are outraged by Earth force trying to nuke them. They want war. Chairman Dillandeu tries to keep peace, but vows to defend his country. Lacus sings a song and tells the citizens of PLANT to buy war bonds, plant a victory garden, obey the government and listen to her song. Athlan is given a new toy. It's a Gundam, but the surpise is ruined because he didn't bother to wrap it. Athlan then meets LAcus and guess what, she's a fake Lacus the chairman sent to try to calm the population. The show hammers in the plot point that the chairman is lying to his people after he had speaches to the otherwise earlier in the series. Aslan grapples with the thought that politician might be dishonest.
Comment 1: PLANT officials win the 'NO DUHH' award with this message, "We've deemed the nuclear attack as a violation of our right to life." Was there a commitee to discuss this and after careful consideration, it 'deemed' the attack a violation? Was the first draft something along the lines of, "Dear Earth. We noticed the Nukes. We can't help getting the feeling that you don't like us. Hugs and Kisses, PLANT."?
Comment 2:The chairman of a large nation on the brink of war, with citizens rioting in the streets has plenty of time to kick back and dispense fatherly advice to a 16 year old former traitor.
Comment 3:ZAFT idol singers have unprecedented power over the government and media.
Comment 4:What is the point of windmills on a space station? You can generate power from the wind that you generate artificially anyway.


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