Bitter K's Gundam Seed Destiny episodes

Episodes 21-30

Lech Shin

I'm glad our hero has some morals. See, he's helping that lady adjust her cleavage.

Episode 21
Synopsis:The Minerva Crew is introduced to a new character, Heine (who is voiced by the idol singer who sang the first opening theme). The Minerva pilots are still on leave. While Shin is riding a motorcycle in a dress, he meets the blond Psyco chick (Stella) who dances right off a cliff. I'm not making this crap up. Shin dives off the cliff to save her. Stella freaks out after Shin uses her code word "Die", or is she just freaking out at Shin's touch. I know my vote. Stella smacks Shin around untill they sit naked by a fire and Aslan comes to save them.
Comment 1:Between Lunamaria, Faux Lacus, Mari (the com girl), Aslan is quite the stud on Minerva. I think I like the term "Aslan's Angels" for them.
Comment 2:Aslan really hates Lunamaria as shown in the comment, "Why don't you go out with Shin?"
Comment 3:According to Heinne's personal data sheet, his birth PLACE is listed as "September".
Comment 4:Stella talks about Stella in the third person.
Comment 5:Shin ponders about Stella, "She must have had something traumatic happen." to make her Psycho. Yeah, Something traumatic like meeting you, Shin.

Episode 22
Synopsis: Yuna, Calgari's conceited arranged Fiancee from Orb, leads an Orb detachment around half the world at Earth Force orders. We learn part of the secret of the Earth force pilot Psychos, they have their memories erased constantly. Orb battles Minerva. Yuna is a tactical Moron and Metal Mask Man is quite content to feed the Orb soldiers to their deaths. Kira arrives to stop Minerva from vaporizing the Orb fleet.
Comment 1:Djibril, the evil Earth force leader, has pretty purple lipstick. Not real intimidating.
Comment 2:Error! Error! The title says this is episode 21.
Comment 3:Heine talks down to Aslan. Umm.. Who has a zaku and who has a Gundam, Bitch!
Comment 4:Hey only 20 enemy mobile suits, We'll again only launch 2 of our 5 suits.

Episode 23
Synopsis:Archangel arrives at the battle and Calgari flies out in the 'Strike Rouge'. Yuna gets threatened by Metal Mask Man and Orb fires on Calgari. A quick shot of every character gasping in horror nearly sucks all the air out of the area. Kira saves Calgari and Metal Mask Man uses this time to attack. In the end, Calgari can only whine and get protected by Kira. Calgari cries, a lot. Kira disarms everythin in a 12 mile radius. Heinne dies a real stupid death. Everyone then gets bored and wanders away.
Comment 1:Kira is off his drugs and is angsty again. He verbally smacks down Calgari, early and often.
Comment 2:Yuna's rant, "My Calgari wouldn't do something stupid like this". Umm.. This is Calgari we are talking about.
Comment 3:Heinne's mech is named "Gouf (pronounced like Goof) Ignited" and uses a whip. I'm frightened.
Comment 4:Orb mobile suits head right into Minerva's guns like lemmings.
Comment 5:Important safety note: Don't wander between Kira and a Psycho. That's two civilian shuttles, a colony, a moon base and Heinne.

Episode 24
Synopsis:Aslan leaves the Minerva to search for the Archangel and find out what the crack they are doing. He meets Mirillia (from the first series). Lacus sprays water at Calgari instead of smacking her. Lunamaria spies on Aslan. Rey is up to something and drags Shin along. Kira, Calgari, Mirillia and Aslan meet. Kira is concerned about Chairman Dillandu's motives. Rey finds a cloning lab.
Comment 1:While looking for the Archangel, Kira stashes his Gundam and picks up a car. I want to know Where? Mecha parking and rent-a-car? Does Hertz do that in the future?
Comment 2:They have a hot spring style bath on the Archangel. Fake rocks, bamboo walls and all. Is this practical on a space battleship?
Comment 3:Lunamaria has a gyrocopter and is an excellent pilot in it.
Comment 4:It's been three episodes since someone smacked Shin. I think he is due again.

Episode 25
Synopsis:The cast from Seed ponders war and fighting to stop people from fighting. The brain trust delves deeply in this multifaceted issue. Okay, I lie. Aslan begs Calgari to go to Orb to stop its part in the Alliance and so he can kill in peace. Meanwhile, the Minerva group searches the Earth Alliance lab. The Earth Alliance Psycho Pilots accidentally trip each other's 'flip out' code words. Auel's code word is 'mother' to go with Stella's 'Die'. Again, good thing the code words are such that they can't be randomly tripped in a normal conversation. Anyway, Stella runs away with her Gundam straight to the Minerva and is captured.
Comment 1:New Intro. What happened to Calgari's clothes?
Comment 2:You can accidentally forget to blow something up after shooting everyone inside and rigging up tons of explosives.
Comment 3:I want a huge rack of brains in my office.
Comment 4:The Earth Alliance (Blue Cosmos) hates genetic engineering but likes drugs for their supersoldiers? Later in the episode Shin even points this out. It is that obvious a plot point.
Comment 5:Stella likes the ocean, but absolutely hates trees and forests.
Comment 6:Wow. Talk about plot minded convenience. Aslan tells Shin, "We have to take out Gaia with out blowing it up." Good thing the pilot inside is cute.

Episode 26
Synopsis:Shin brings the injured Stella back to the Minerva for medical treatment. Again, appaently the best place to take an injured person is the super secret space battleship. Stella wigs out and smacks around Shin and the Nurse. Shin is disciplined by captain 'hot stuff' for bringig an enemy onto their battleship. Stella flips out some more and rejects Shin (who wouldn't), but Shin is persistant. I guess he figures a mental patient is his last, best hope for nookie. Lacus plans to go to PLANT to learn more about the Chancellor and steals faux Lacus's shuttle. Kira tries to follow Lacus like a lost puppy, but is told to go home.
Comment 1:The doctor says, "She (Stella) is wearing an Earth Alliance Uniform". That's an Earth Alliance standard female uniform? Do the Earth Alliance commanders want all their female pilots ready for pole dancing at a moments notice. Wait, I just answered my own question.
Comment 2:How long do doctors watch a strapped down patient writhe and injure herself before sedating her? Is the Hipocratic oath different in the future, or were they hoping she'd break out and kill Shin.
Comment 3:The famous idol singer known to everyone in ZAFT and PLANT is really the best person to sneak into PLANT?

Episode 27
Synopsis:Lacus and the 'Desert Fox' fly into space where Lacus stuck her Space Battleship for a rainy day. We learn that the drugs in psycho pilots, like Stella, prevent most normal body functions, but they don't elaborate. Mirillia returns to the Archangel. She reveals that she dumped Dearka. Okay, one of the major subplot for the second half of the original Seed series gets a one line explanation? Lame. Orb and the Minerva head for a rematch.
Comment 1:Hah! Lacus and Robo Fox flew into space and ditched the shuttle. They sure outsmarted the Zaft forces.... except they are in space. It's kinda hard to catch a cab to escape. The Zaft forces should check just outside the shuttle for the two bodies that are sucking hard vacuum.
Comment 2:Stealing a shuttle is not the best way to get on the Chancellor's good side. If he wasn't responsible for the first assaination attempt, he might do it now.
Comment 3:If everyone else kept their Battlecruisers from the SEED war, where is Orbs? Did Calgari get talked into selling it to Zaft for some magic beans.
Comment 4:The Chancellor talks about his plans in front of a Chessboard. That's about as original as the Evil Earth Guy's cat. What's next, the Metal Mask Man has an evil midget sidekick. (I'm pretty sure that Rey is Metal Mask Mans Mini-Me).
Comment 5:Wait a minute. Missiles can barely scratch the surface of the Minerva, but small shrapnel fragment tear it up including a window that is supposed to keep out Space?

Episode 28
Synopsis:Minerva and the Orb forces fight. Kira and Archangel come in just in time. Calgari once again tries to stop Orb and this time Shin fires at her, which miffs off Kira. Kira and Aslan fight. One of the stupid Earth Psycho pilots decides to fly between the battle between Kira and Aslan and is instantly de-limbed. A pissed off Shin stabs the Abyss Gundam in the pilot. Kira ends up de-limbing Aslan's Gundam. The Minerva is shot to shit by the Orb forces who would rather commit suicide attacks rather than let anyone know they are commanded by either Calgari or Yuna. Shin hacks up most of the Orb ships himself. Calgari doesn't do squat except cry the entire damn fight. In the end, Auel is dead. All the cool Orb force background characters are dead. Lunamaria, Rei and Aslan are missing and presumed injured but not dead. Minerva has like 2 guns left on it. And unfortunately, Calgari and Shin didn't die.
Comment 1:Calgari, who is Ms. 'I believe anyone', tells Orb "Don't be taken in by Earth Force".
Comment 2:Kira saying that "Calgari is crying" shocks Aslan during their fight. Why does this surprise anyone?
Comment 3:Kira yells at Aslan, "Are you going to fight against the thing that Calgari is trying to protect?". Umm...They are shooting the shit out of me and my friend when we are just trying to leave. Kira and Calgari, get a mit and catch a clue here.
Comment 4:Good job Kira! Your F---'d up pacifisitic view of taking away some of the combatants means to defend themselves only results in a staggering number of useless dead. Good Job. Really stopped that battle cold.

Episode 29
Synopsis:Chancellor Dulandu rewatches some of his tapes of the first Seed series. No, wait, it's a flashback/Recap episode. Dulandu ponders how Lacus met Kira and left Aslan. He talks to the ghost of Seed's Metal Masked Man and occassionaly the ghost of his younger self. Interspaced between the mad ramblings and the recycled footage are bit's of Rey's childhood and Dullandu's relation with Captain 'Hot pants'(Talia). But, He's not evil. Really.
Comment 1:While talking about coordinators genetic engineering they almost repeat the Jurassic park speach, "The Scientists were so proccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think about if they should".
Comment 2:the entire episode makes me feel like Dullandu's only goal is that he really wants to be Aslan's best friend. He gave him a cool toy (Gundam) and rank (Faith). He stuck Aslan in a ship filled with girls and guys the girls won't like. And, is trying to kill the Aslan's ex-fiancee because she dumped him. Not the most inspirational evil plan.

Episode 30
Synopsis:Minerva hides after its battle and licks its wounds. The Orb military survivors join the Archangel and Calgari. They all cry. Metal Mask Man waxes philosphic. Stella gets worse in the Minerva sick bay, probably because Shin won't F---in' leave. Shin learns about what ZAFT plan to do with their captured enemy superpilot. Aslan does some soul searching about fighting Kira. Shin abducts Stella and returns her to Neo, AKA Metal Mask Man. Of course, Shin isn't smart enough to do this alone, so Rey helps him.
Comment 1:Based on the Orb groups brave speech, Orb apparently doesn't let women into their military forces. Well, now that I think about it, I've never seen a female military member except for around the main characters. Minerva has female nurses, pilots and comm officers, but we never see female crew on any other Zaft, Earth or ORb ship.
Comment 2:A Nurse smacks Shin around to help Stella. Later Shin punches the nurse out. Our hero. The nurses should all jump him in the hallway and beat his @ss down.
Comment 3:Instead of unstrapping and carrying the 90 lb. Stella to make his quick escape, Shin instead decides to push the entire bed and respirator setup that weighs a healthy 3 tons and is about the size of a Winnebago.


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