Bitter K's Gundam Seed Destiny episodes

Episodes 31-40


I'm chibi and useless! So is my Zaku.

Episode 31
Synopsis:Shin and Rey are arrested. Aslan comes to mock Shin but Rey talks some sense into both. Stella is taken off for treatment and Neo is given new orders. Murrue (Archangel commander) and Kira share a light hearted chat. Meanwhile, Stella is given a new Weapon/suit/mecha/thingie. It looks retarded. Shin and Rey are released, with no punishment. Stella uses retardo-mech to blow up a scary town.
Comment 1:The Earth Alliance land carrier Tank is called the "Bonnaparte" and has four tracks. Dominion Tank Police!
Comment 2:Kira says about Chancellor Dulandu,"Maybe Lacus was targeted by mistake." That's one hell of a mistake. Is there a guy behind a desk in PLANT that fills out the assasination forms who accidentally wrote down the wrong name on the wrong form? Oops! My bad!
Comment 3:Stella's new mech looks and acts a lot like a mech in Zeta Gundam. Hmmm... Did Bandai have a warehouse full of model kits to get rid of?

Episode 32
Synopsis:Freedom and Archangel fight MMM (Metal Mask Man) and his super mecha in the city of Berlin. Minerva comes in to help, but sends out Shin, so It's not that much help. Shin actually kicks butt for a while until he learns that Stella is the pilot. Kira attacks Stella and sprays her with shrapnel through the gap in the cockpit that Shin opened. Kira shoots down MMM and Captain Murue sees him without his mask. Wow he looks like Mu (from the first series). Seeing a chance to thin out the cast, Orb pilots blow up Chaos. Meanwhile, Shin snaps and attacks Kira, who was attacking Stella, who was still vaporizing the town. Stella recognizes Shin and they have some freaky, naked, astral body hugging thing which I guess is a visual representations of their hearts reaching out to each other. Well, that doesn't last long before Stella decides to blow everything up, including Shin. Kira blows her up instead.
Comment 1:The stupid super mecha is named "Destroy"? Wow, Creative. It also transforms from a dumpy legged mech to a big Gundam Mech with a turtle shell for no important reason.
Comment 2:Shin's power is to attack mecha cockpit hatches.
Comment 3:MMM tells Shin, "Stop attacking, Stella is piloting." Okay, I could understand that if she weren't still rampaging and killing civilians, but come on. Plus the scene paints MMM's concern for the safety of the girl he freakin' put in harms way. Retards.
Comment 4:The Orb pilots that sucked just 4 episodes ago now get a pair and down Chaos Gundam. Plot Kill!
Comment 5:When your giant Mecha explodes, You'll be blown clear so you can die dramatically in your lover's arms. Speaking of which, Shin has known this girl for a day when she tried to drown herself and then the couple days she was unconscious and dying? That apparently was enough to make them star crossed lovers even after they tried to kill each other 20 times and she killed Heine? Am I the only one who finds this disturbing?

Episode 33
Synopsis:Shin deep sixes Stella and cries. Shin decides it is Kira's fault. Let's review here. MMM turns Stella into a Psychotic killing machine. Stella kills tons of civilians, military personnel and Heine. Shin wants to kill her, but Aslan orders him to capture her. Then Shin helps her escape back to the guy who keeps sticking her into mecha in the first place. Shin is quite content to let his 'Love' kill innocent civilians and she even tries to kill shin. Kira's only mistake was stopping the Homosidal bitch from killing Shin and a town load of innocent civilians. Kira's an over idelisic idiot, but he's not the true paint chip sucking retard of the story so far, Shin. Anyway, MMM looks like Mu Flaga, Sounds like Mu Flaga, but says he's Neo. Captain Murue cries because it might be Mu. I'll cry if it actually turns out that Mu survived his heroic death scene in the first series to become a stupid plot point. Chancellor Dullidal trumps the media war with Earth and exposes the evil masterminds that started all the hatred (Logos) as well as their 'Blue Cosmos' friends.
Comment 1:Stella loved the Ocean, so Shin buries her in a lake.
Comment 2:Kira was with Mu Flaga, in the first series, when the went to the laboratory that was cloning hundreds of Mu clones. Does he not remember that?
Comment 3:Luna says, "Shin is doing what he pleases since he wasn't punished last time." I agree. Shin needs to be slapped around and beaten up more. He's like a brain damaged puppy. When he does something wrong, rub his nose in it and hit him with a baseball bat. Eventually, he'll learn.
Comment 4:Why the heck is Shin the main character? He is stupid, prideful, vengeful, hot headed, borderline Schizophrenic and did I mention dumber than a bag of hammers. I know most main characters have flaws, but they are usually balanced out by at least one positive point that makes you pull for the character to overcome his negatives. I just want him to overcome his will to keep breathing.

Episode 34
Synopsis:Uh Oh, some friends of Orb were shown by Chancellor Dullindahl as reasons for the wars. the Archangel heads for Orb to help, but is attacked by ZAFT forces. Minerva joins the fight against the Archangel. Captain 'Hot body' yells a Aslan for being a pansy and not fighting his old friends (isn't this what Kira went through in the first series?). Shin fights Kira while Minerva attacks Archangel.Shin goes through every toy in the box but finally stabs Kira's mech. A large explosion sheilds the audience from knowing what happens to Freedom, Kira and the Archangel. Oh, the suspense.
Comment 1:Radar Jamming cannon rounds? Why haven't they used these before now?
Comment 2:Great sneak attack by the Minerva. The Archangel does the battleship equivalent of a sidestep and trucks on past the Minerva.
Comment 3:Everyone in ZAFT is pissed that Minerva gives the Archangel a chance at a peaceful surrender. Hmm, which army just became the series bad guys?
Comment 4:Aslan yells at the TV a lot and apparently expects the people on the other side to hear him.

Episode 35
Synopsis:Guess what, both the Archangel and Kira a knocked to shit, but are alive. They make the ZAFT forces think they have blown up in a classic "Hey, what's that over there" manuver and escape. Shin is real cocky and happy that he got to kill. Aslan Punches him. Yeah! Both walk away in a huff after Rey takes Shin's side. Civilians and earth force start rising against the "Logos". Even Djibril is threatened and has to escape (hopefully he remembered to bring his cat). Kira's angels (Calgari, Murue and Mirrellia) visit Kira in Archangel's medical room, which annoys Neo. Minerva, the chancellor, most of Zaft and some Earth Force arrive at Gibraltar base to launch an attack on the Logos. Shin brown noses Chancellor Dillandu and he gives Shin and Aslan new Gundams. Shin likes killin', Aslan doesn't.
Comment 1:Aslan yells "Kira" as he thinks Freedom and Archangel are destroyed and not for his Fiancee who might have been killed too.
Comment 2:Hey guards. If the anti-aircraft Vulcan cannon is firing through one window and not anywhere else, don't step in front of the window.
Comment 3:The Archangel has a hot spring bath but only 2 hospital beds? Kira's bunk mate is the prisoner, Neo.
Comment 4:Why did Lacus jet into space and just sit there?

Episode 36
Synopsis:Aslan is pissed at Dillandu for ordering Arcchangel destroyed. Dillandu blames the victim. "They didn't come to our side," he argues. "As the head of Zaft, he couldn't let a powerful and unpredictable force roam free," he continues. Yet, he gives Shin and Aslan new Gundams. Rey Zu Burrel (Laser Barrel?) visits Dillandu. Faux Lacus overhears that Aslan may not be as much use to Dillandu because of Kira's love for stupid peace. Aslan escapes with faux Lacus. Faux Lacus quickly goes nutz-oid and wants to stay behind as a puppet as long as she gets to be Lacus. Aslan seems determined to escape with a pretty girl, so Mari agrees to help. Rey nearly shoots Mari so she escapes with Aslan in a Zaku (that apparently had been left with the keys in it).
Comment 1:As Dillandu and Aslan talk about Kira, they flash back to scenes of Kira that neither were originally there to see.
Comment 2:Okay, Dillandu's speech to Aslan is incredibly creepy and all but screams, "I'm a bad guy". Even Faux Lacus is concerned and she's as shallow as a parking lot puddle.
Comment 3:Faux Lacus is this series's Flay.
Comment 4:Hmm.. Why is the last place anyone thinks Aslan will go is to the Mecha hangers?

Episode 37
Synopsis:Rey and Shin pursue Aslan and Mari. Rey and Shin are given permission to shoot the escapees down. Rey and Aslan get into a mecha fight while both try to convince the rock stupid Shin that their side is right. Shin finally decides that there will be peace only if he kills everyone and downs Aslan's Gouf. The Minerva crew who aren't mindless killing machines (so everyone except Rey and Shin) are saddened by the news that Aslan and Mari are dead. Shin makes his move on Lunamaria in her grief. Our hero, captain rebound. Oh, but Aslan and Mari aren't dead. They are picked up by Archangel friendly Orb people.
Comment 1:Rey's explanation to Shin as to why they have to chase and destroy Aslan is, "When faced by some Military Police, he pushed them down and ran." I didn't know that was a capital offense in ZAFT.
Comment 2:Mecha parts float in water, or is the Gouf made of foam?
Comment 3:What happened to Aslan poping his seed? Where is the Aslan that could fight Kira to a stand still.
Comment 4:How many secret docks does the Archangel have?
Comment 5:Lacus finishes Kira's sentences even when they are light years apart.

Episode 38
Synopsis:The assault on "Heaven's gate" and Logos begin. ZAFT forces drive up and Chancellor Dullindu gives them 5 hours to surrender. The Logos/Earth Alliance forces Attack the Zaft/Earth Alliance forces before the 5 hours is up. After about 5 minutes of watching his forces get vaporized by incomming fire, Chancellor Dullindu interprets Logo's respose to his ultimatem as "Get bent" and lethargically decides to counter attack. Rey, Shin and Lunamaria all launch to help fight. Meanwhile, on the Archangel, we learn that Calgari was crying the whole time that Aslan was unconscious. Whoa!, there's a shocker. In the end, Shin kills most everything, "Heaven's Gate" falls, and Djibril escapes (with his cat).
Comment 1:New Opening. It sucks. Hard. Did the rest of the series become a touching love story, or something? The melodic music doesn't work with the action pace of the anime.
Comment 2:Rey's Gundam "Legend" is designated as number 666. Shin's "Destiny" is 42.
Comment 3:The Zaft forces weren't ready for a sneak attack when they motored up to the bad guys base? They never thought there'd be an attack before the time limit?
Comment 4:They gave Lunamaria a Gundam, but Shin still has to protect her.

Episode 39
Synopsis:Lacus magically figures out Dullindu's evil master plan by sitting in space, doing nothing. She probably just needed time away from Kira. As the Archangel rebuilds, Calgari and Aslan talk. Back in space, Lacus's ship is spotted by Zaft and Lacus and her crew meander into action. Zaft gives chase. Injured Aslan encourages Kira to go and save Lacus. Neo (Mu) 'remembers' the command code to call the bridge monitors. Kira launcehes in Strike Rouge on a big assed rocket to get him into space. He nearly immediately wrecks Strike Rouge, but it's a good thing that Lacus is Kira's 'Sugar Mama'. Lacus gives Kira a new Gundam. Once in Freedom 2.0, Kira saves the day.
Comment 1:I don't know what I hate more; Useless Calgari, Arrogant Shin or the new opening song.
Comment 2:God! A super, ace pilot loses a Gundam and they mope and whine about how useless they are. I'm sure the regular mobile suit pilots love that.
Comment 3:After crashing in a mobile suit, Mari has a fever?
Comment 4:There is always time for a joyous reunion during the middle of a pitched battle for your very survival.
Comment 5:No fair! Kira can use battle bits. No! He now has Newtype powers! Shoot me!

Episode 40
Synopsis:Shin has nightmares about his indescriminate killings, but he ignores them. Shin is decorated for his killings and made a Faith member (along with Rey). The entry criteria into Faith is awful low. Djibril runs off to Orb. Wow, who didn't see this coming? Zaft asks Orb to hand over Djibril. Yuna replies for Orb with the wonderful, "We haven't seen him, he's not here, can I take a message." Zaft attacks. Yuna can't believe that Zaft didn't believe him. Sigh. Calgari learns that her father left her a pimped out, gold Gundam. Fo Shizzle! Calgari cries. She then flies off to save Orb from Zaft. First thing she does is have Yuna arrested for being a retard. Minerva arrives and Shin launches. Calgari and Shin head for a fight.
Comment 1:Oooh,I wonder if Djibril is in cahoots with Dillandu to secretly crush all resistance to their take over of the world, or does Orb have the shittiest luck.
Comment 2:Calgari yells, "As if such words will reach them," after Yuna makes his speech. Umm, wasn't she the one who tried to talk Orb and Zaft out of fighting about 10 episodes ago?
Comment 3:Even after death, Calgari's father verbally smacks her down a mocks pretty much everything she has said or done since the beginning of the Series. Boo-ya! He is my hero.
Comment 4:Wait, Calgari is doing something apart from crying and spouting of her stupid ideas. Will wonders never cease?


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