Bitter K's Gundam Seed Destiny episodes

Episodes 41-50


It's Faux Lacus. She's stupid. She's apparently cold in that outfit.

Episode 41
Synopsis:Recap Episode. Aslan recounts his decisions and recaps the story up until now, through his eyes. Kira takes over to reflect upon his ideals and continue the recap. Kira's recap supposedly takes place while he is rocketing up into space to save Lacus. Kira then reflects on everyone who has died in the first series. Cheery.
Comment 1:Apparently, there isn't much to do while flying a rocket up to space except recap.
Comment 2:Lacus doesn't want Kira to fight in a Gundam,but keeps giving them to him.
Comment 3:Kind of neat. The ending credits show kids colorings of a Zaku. Apparently, it was a contest.

Episode 42
Synopsis:Captain Murrue lets Neo go as Archangel pepares for battle against Zaft. Mari wants to stay with Aslan. As the battle gets going, Kira returns from space towing Aslan's new Gundam, drops it, and plans to kill everything before catching it again. Oh wait, Lacus is piloting it and takes it to the Archangel. Minerva and Archangel face off. Lacus also brings her 'Mobile suit precision flight team' down to help out. Kira does a ninja sword catch manuver against Shin and scares him off for a while. Calgari lands and punches out Yuna. Neo (Mu) arrives to help the Archangel and delivers Mu's famous death scene line. Sigh, the defiled the best character's best line from the first series by having him apparently survive being disentegrated in space. I really want them to try to explain this one. In the end, Rey and Shin match off against Kira and Aslan.
Comment 1:Calgari only really stands a chance because beam weapons bounce off her Gold Gundam. Thus, she can use her inability to dodge as a weapon.
Comment 2:Lacus ask Aslan, "How are you doing. I don't mean physically." Aslan daydreams all the flirting he did with faux Lacus. Apparently 'that part' is fine.
Comment 3:Yep Aslan, of all people, Lacus Clyne is telling you "to be a soldier". Get a mitt and catch a clue, Aslan.
Comment 4:When they flashback to Kira and Lacus grabbing Gundams in space, 3 are shown. Hmmm...

Episode 43
Synopsis:Zaft and Orb continue their fight. Neo (Mu) starts to remember more of his past. the Injured Aslan joins the fight. Yuna is a retard and gets squashed by a falling Zaku. A lame death for a lame background character. Archangel dives underwater to avoid the Minerva and decides to take out all the other Zaft ships while Minerva flies around in circles. Djibril escapes in a shuttle to the moon. Why don't people ever check the hanger bays for people who are trying to escape? Aslan starts to get the upper hand on Shin, so Zaft retreats. Aslan faints because he reopened his wounds fighting with Shin. Neo (Mu) starts making moves on Captain Murue. Aslan is too stupid to stay in the hospital bed. Calgari tries to make a media statement to the world but is interrupted by Faux Lacus, who tries to push the blame on Orb. Real Lacus shows up on TV with Calgari to throw a monkey wrench in it all. By the way, it's seems pretty easy in the future to disrupt other countries TV transmissions and then interupt the interupters.
Comment 1:The Hot Captain Murue doesn't jog Neo's (Mu) memory, but the damaged Archangel does?
Comment 2:Hmmm? How conveinient. Kira and rey both have battle bits so they can pair off and fight and let Aslan and Shin square off against each other.
Comment 3:No wonder Lunamaria has to be saved every episode. She can't even hit a huge shuttle.
Comment 4:As Neo (Mu) is talking to Captain Murue about why he came back, he says "My eyes, ears, arms... Some part of me knows you." Ummm.. Insert joke about the 'little Neo' here.
Comment 5:Dullindu is surprised that Real Lacus is in Orb. Who did he think was giving Kira and Aslan new Gundams faster than they can break them?

Episode 44
Synopsis:Real Lacus verbally smacks down Djibril (Earth Alliance) and Dillandu (ZAFT) over the TV. Professional Bridge burning made easy. Now Orb is really hated by everyone. Minerva is orderd to space as the crew wonders about the brodcast and the two Lacus Clynes. Izak and Dearka attack a huge cylinder thing that Djibril is sneaking towards PLANT. It's part of Djibril secret weapon. Djibril fires and hits PLANT, or part of it, anyway. Djibril is pissed because he didn't hit the right part. Real Lacus explains that Dillandu's plan is to stop war by controlling peoples genetics. Apparently, if he makes people's roles in life pre-destined, no one will ever worry, desire power, or strive for anything else. Sound's like he wants to turn everyone into couch potatoes. Archangel's crew (and Orb) decide it is their God given right to be retarded losers, so they decide to launch into space and fight Dillandu. Apparently this is a more pressing problem than the fact that Djibril just killed millions.
Comment 1:Why does Dearka think Izak, of all people, knows what is going on with the twin Lacus?
Comment 2:What is the plural of Lacus? Lacuses? Laci? Are multiple Laci a herd, flock, pod or pack? I have a feeling this will be important later in the series.
Comment 3:The moon base General wants to fire the "big gun" because it's something to do and besides, they went through a lot of trouble to build it. It'd be a waste to just let it sit.
Comment 4:We could shoot straight at PLANT or with just one bounce, but it is much more fun to bank and ricochet our doomsday weapon shot a couple of times.

Episode 45
Synopsis:Minerva is given orders to hit the moon base alone while the rest of ZAFT attacts the 'lenses'. Rey's plans for the Minerva's Gundams rely on Lunamaria. Why? We really don't know. Maybe they figure she can't miss the frickin' moon if she's inside it. Anyway, Shin ends up saving Luna and Luna manages to take out the moon base command center. Djibril tries to escape in an Archangel clone ship, but Rey spots him. Rey individually targets Djibril on the ships bridge and the blows it up. The real Arcangel prepares to leave to confront Dillandu (Still). Calgari and Mari have a brief moment over who likes Aslan more or more like who is less apathetic about Aslan.
Comment 1:Djibril's base is called Gondwanaland.
Comment 2:It takes 45 episodes before we learn that Captain 'Hot body' has a son.
Comment 3:Uh oh, Shin says that he'll defend "PLANT, Lunamaria, and the ship (Minerva)." In this series, that's a death knell.
Comment 4:They couldn't get Mari an Orb uniform in all the time she was onboard (since episode 37). I even went back to check that she was wearing her ZAFT uniform when her and Aslan escaped.

Episode 46
Synopsis:Other ZAFT leaders gush over Minerva's actions in battle so far. Luna verbally smacks down Shin for trying to kill her sister, Mari, whom she has just figured out isn't dead in her nicest "let's just be friends" way. Archangel just happens to go to the same lunar colony that Faux Lacus is staying at. The Archangel teen gang head out for some shopping and relaxation. Faux Lacus is creatively threatend in a nice way by the Chancellor's cronies. Neo (Mu) is a lech. Faux Lacus is used as bait for Real Lacus and they meet in the ancient Roman Ruins, on the moon. Fake Lacus (Meer) falls into a crying fit almost instantly after talking with Lacus. The trap is sprung and gunfire ensues. Real Lacus is suprisingly calm. Sensing a oportunity to thin out the cast, a baddie shoots Fake Lacus as she pushes real Lacus out of the way. Maybe she was disoriented by all the pink. Faux Lacus does a pretty interpretive dance scene before falling down, gives a 15 minute soliloqy and dies. Kira has no emotion for this.
Comment 1:There are still lunar bases that accept Archangel? Everywhere they go they either piss the inhabitants off or get the colony destroyed.
Comment 2:The Archangel has Gundams, big guns and sports cars?
Comment 3:In the wild, Lacuses communicate with each other via Haro ball.
Comment 4:Aslan uses magic bullets. He can take on rifle weilding thugs at long ranges with his pistol and even hit thugs he wasn't even aiming at.
Comment 5:Yet another Dullandu assasination attempt foiled by a toy. It was Tori this time.
Comment 6:The Gold frame Gundam is the birthright and symbol of Orb and Orb leadership. So, we give it to the former Earth Alliance, lech pilot at the drop of a hat.

Episode 47
Synopsis:Like any good friends, the first thing the Archangel crew do for Faux Lacus is loot her body. They find her diary. Faux Lacus (Meer) is annoying and has a boring, annoying life. Guess what? It's a recap episode as seen through the eyes of a shallow Lacus fan who borders on psychotic stalker. In the end of the episode, Dillandu states his true goal, to wip out ignorance and ambition...... and individuality. The episode reeks of "We have to fill how many episodes with this last fight?"
Comment 1:It's apparently pretty easy to convince someone to have massive plastic surgery and get a new face and permanently pink hair.
Comment 2:Where do you get a coffin load of flowers, in space?

Episode 48
Synopsis:Let's start the episode by recapping every atrocity in the series. Rey tries to convince Shinn, "the Sheep", that the Destiny Plan is the world that he wished for. The Earth is still deciding how to react to Chancellor "Nutzo's" master plan. Lacus affirms (again) that Archangel should fight against Dillandu. "Emperor" Dillandu reactivates the moons "Death Star" laser and fires it at the moon colony that is sheltering the remainder of the Earth Alliance fleet. Archangel rendezvous with Lacus's personal war fleet of peace and love that she keeps "just in case".
Comment 1:Is it a coincidence that the "Destiny Plan" computers all look like the monolith from 2001.
Comment 2:The world is doomed if the country runby Calgari is the pillar of governmental stability and power.
Comment 3:Hmm.. Chancellor Dillandu in his "throne room" looks a lot like the Emperor from Star Wars.


I admit, I had to say "..And feel the wrath of this fully armed and operational Battle Station." in the Emperor's voice everytime this scene comes up over the last 3 episodes.

Episode 49
Synopsis:Archangel heads to the first "Lens" of the moon gun. Lacus warns the ZAFT forces to not protect the "WMD". Izak and Dearka head to the battle front, but on who's side? Rey whines about being a clone and a defective oneat that. IN the big battle that follows, Captain Hot Body (Minerva) and Captain Luscious Lips (Archangel) square off. Izak and Dearka enter the fight becasue Izak wants to "punch out Aslan".Minerva fires the "big gun" at Archangel but Neo (Mu) deflects it just like he did in the first series, except the Gold gundam survives. Mu then remembers everything about being Mu. Izak and Dearka help Aslan and Kira destroy the first "Lens". Emperor Dullindu has a second "Fully armed and operational battle Station". He fires it's WMD. We head for the big Gundam Showdown between Shinn, Rey, Aslan and Kira.
Comment 1:If you stop in battle to heed Lacus's words, Aslan will still cut you down.
Comment 2:When did the Gold Gundam get Battle bits? Did Calgari's father know it would be handed down to a competent pilot after Calgari screwed up?
Comment 3:Lunamaria, in Strike Gundam, barely survives Lacus's precision flight team commandoes, who weren't in cool Gundams.

Episode 50
Synopsis:The good guys break up into teams to deal with the two big guns. Shin and Aslan fight over LunaMaria, nearly literally as her suit is already nearly disabled. Meanwhile, Kira and Rey reenact the Kira and Metal Mask Man fight from the first series. Shinn nearly kills Luna, so Aslan finally does something and kicks the ever-living shit out of Shinn. Oh, Rey loses to. The Archangel out flies Minerva and disables it. Death star 2 tries to clean up some of the forces around Death star 1 and hits some friendly ships as well. Oops. Death Star 1 prepares to vaporize Orb, but Aslan and Mu hit it first. Stella visits and unconscious Shinn and they babble like retards. I guess it signifies that they were meant to be stupid... I mean together. Luna and Shin have a moment even though Shinn nearly tried to kill Luna a second ago. Death Star 2, with Dillandu aboard, is mostly blown up by Kira and Lacus. Kira hops out of his Gundam and meets Dillandu face to face. Rey skips (literally) to Dillandu's rescue and Captain Glydis flies there in a shuttle. Darth Rey ends up killing Emperor Dillandu after he threatens Kira. Captain Gladys stays on the exploding Death Star with Dillandu and Rey. Gladys tells Kira to tell Captain Murrue to "meet her son someday." Gladys, Rey and Dillandu have a family moment, then explode. The End.
Comment 1:Rey's life long precepts and ideals are shattered after a couple seconds of Kira's babbling. Not the highest mental toughness.
Comment 2:Lacus's eyes look like she has 'Seed' powers. Scary killer idol singer.
Comment 3:Shinn is stopped by Aslan saying, "This won't bring your loved ones back." Wait! You mean that's all it took and no one tried that before? Now I want to beat the crap out of Shinn even more.
Comment 4:LunaMaria somehow gets a bandage on Shin's face even though he is wearing a helmet and they are on the moon, in hard vacuum.
Comment 5:No wait, the bandage is just on the visor screen.... What the freakin' good does that do?
Comment 6:Shinn and Luna are apparently abandoned on the surface of the moon. Oh well.

Honestly, I didn't think the ending fully wrapped up the story and left me hollow. So, I present...

Bitter K's unofficial Episode 51

Episode 51
Synopsis: It starts out as a recap episode, since recycling footage is cheaper than making new footage and it seems to be freakin' prevalent in this series. But, I digress. The Recap is told by Lunamaria as she sits on the moon, abandoned by everyone and sipping the last breaths of oxygen from her tank. Shins body lies on her lap, having died hours earlier after he removed his helmet to try to kiss Luna. It should be noted that a battered, but fully working Gundam sits a few feet away. Unfortunately using that would require more intelligence than a watermelon, so Luna is out of luck. Shin wasn't even in the running with the Watermelon. Anyway, The scene shift to many years in the future. Lacus and Kira move to PLANT and rebuild ZAFT with the help of Lacus's private armies. Lacus and Kira's views on waging wars for peace result in a Orwellian society where jack booted thugs beat people who are unhappy. LAcus and Kira rejoice at their new daughter, who has pink hair, a managerie of babysitting Haro balls and can kill anyone within a 5 mile radius. Flash back to Orb. After a brief love triangle with Mari, Aslan and Calgari marry. Calgari's constant crying and inability to handle complex thoughts cause some friction for them at first, but it gets better after Aslan heads up Orbs military. With Aslan's need to kill satiated and Orb's parliment secretly running things while fooling Calgari into thinking anyone is listening to her, Orb flourishes. Across the Orb capital, Captain Murrue, Mu and the Desert Tiger move in together and start a coffee shop. They have a sit-com relationship for a couple years as Murrue and her prospective suiters clash in hillarious circumstances. In the background, a TV report talks about a blind guy driving a bus full of orphans off a cliff. Captain Murrue finally travels to Zaft to see Glady's son. There she meets Mari and Gladys's first mate, Arthur. They have gotten together, for sinister purposes. Gladys's son blames Murrue for his mother's death and vows revenge. From the shadow's we learn that another Clone of Mu is donning a metal mask and pushing Gladys's son to restart the war and setting up the main antagonists for "Gundam SEED III, Revenge of the Clones". As she leaves, Murrue meets Izak and Dearka who have both become ZAFT military leaders and come out of the closet on their love for each other. The scene shifts back to Earth and the Scandinavian Alliance. In order to keep the peace, they've built several super cool new Gundams based off of G-Gundam's Windmill Gundam. As the scene fades, we see a half dozen commandoes hiding behind the hanger with intent to steal the Gundams. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.


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