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A D&D game in the Ebberon setting.

The game takes place in the tower city of Sharn. Our group are less adventurers and more of Private eyes.

The cast

Tiernay Trahern Pwyll

A half Elven man who is part of the powerful House Lyandar. He is the first born of a prestigious family and bears a Dragon Mark of Storms. He is enrolled in the magic academy of Sharn as a Graduate student in Artificer. He is controlled by his family and their expectations for him. Some what a master of arcane arts (artificing and a minor wizard), he is also a bit of a socialite among proper half elven circles. This leaves him helpless in the less affluent parts of Sharn. Never the less, he can defend himself, but no one believes him. His fashion sense is impecable, but usually too grandiose for adventuring.


A baby Bronze dragon. He has adopted Tiernay as his own "Pet humanoid". Usually causes trouble. All he wants in the world is a bigger horsde. Is that so wrong. Has a ring of illussion that lets him appear as a talking winged cat. Being draconic, he has acid breath weapon and is tough and strong, even despite being tiny sized.


Shifter fighter. She teaches wilderness survival and "Defense against the Dark arts". Okay maybe not the second one, since she is still alive. Freelance adventurer. Likes Jerky, fighting and classical impressionist artists. Basically the bodyguard and de-facto leader of the group in anyplace that might be remotely dangerous. Her "Beau" is a wolf shifter. And, How does she smell? ........... Well enough to track someone by scent. Why do you ask?


Changeling Rogue. She was raised by pirates after being abandoned. Now she uses her polymorphing abilities to sneak amongst the good people of Sharn. She's knowledgeable in most of the shady underworld deals that happen. A good backup in a fight, just watch your wallet.Her favorite forms are as a punk, male Drow and Tiernay's cousin.



An empty headed bit of half Elven fluff. Currently Tiernay's father's choice for Tiernay's possible fiancee.


The halfling in Kazra's survival class and member of the cooking guild. Can make a 5 course eal out of bark and grubs.

Aunt Wilhemena

An old lady who is the current matriarch of the Pwyll family. She is rich, powerful and doesn't give a crap anymore. She just wants to have fun. Has had a dozen husbands who all died mysteriously. Likes Tiernay and Verdigris.


We've had a few. We met rioting townspeople with a bit too much force to save a Warforged play. We kidnapped a halfling healer. Averted a gang war, kind of. Had a survival class training day. Solved the mystery of the Air Race death. We still haven't found all those bottles of oil of impact or found out who destroyed a priceless painting. Oh well. But more importantly, Tiernay and Verdigris were burglarized.


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