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Note: This is my characters personal log and nothing from this should be used in game by other players unless certain events warrant (such as the journal log being read by others). This is mainly for me to flesh out my character and other players to get a feel for the way my character acts and feels. Also, this should be good fodder for the GM. All Comment below are my characters view on the world.


Mitchel's Personal Journal

Stardate 35.22.6

Today I have decided to keep a log of my thoughts and the incredible events that I find myself a part of. This first Journal entry will probably be a long one as I have some catching up to do. Also, if I don't write this stuff down, no one will ever believe me (not that they will anyway). Well, currently, we are drifting in space. Well, we are hiding in a Minok filled space cruiser hulk floating in space. We were chased into this mess by space pirates. So, as you can tell, I have plenty of time to write while we are here. Okay, I have to admit, I thought it would be fun to go to Corescant and join a team with a couple Jedi. I imagined royal and distinctive duties, more like an honor guard type position. This is not what I had in mind. This is dirty, dangerous, and may be more than my meager skills can handle. We were sent to a backwater, dustball of a world to check on some dissapearances in some newly discovered ruins. It takes our ecclectic group of misfits (more on them in a second) about three microseconds to tick off the local crime lords. What's worse is that we accidental find what the crime lord wants. So, he's pissed at us and we have something he wants. Our guide reveals that she's double dog double crossing the crime lord and joins with us. We destroy the crime lords base (Strike three). He has us kidnapped. We crash the kidnapper's ship... Okay, I crashed the kidnapper's ship. Only dumb luck saved us. We all wind up with some primitive force users in their undersea kingdom. In comes the crime lord to screw things up. Surprise, the Crime lord is double crossed by his bosses (See we pissed off the crime lord's crime lord). Wow, we are good. The city is wrecked and many drown. We manage to get to the orbital space station, are kicked off and chased by pirates.

We've really screwed up. I've really screwed up. I admit that I'm scared and I want to go home. Yet, I feel that I need to smile and laugh at danger because some of the rest of the crew seems frazzled and I think it reassures them if I am not scared. Jedi Master Gunwald is the typical Jedi that I'd read about. Calm, calculated, methodical and down to business. He seems unhuman, or un-whatever he is. Jedi Master Vas, is a lot more human, even though she is a Twi-lek. She drinks and likes dancing. That makes me feel more comfortable around her. She does seem to have trouble with her emotions getting out of control. I do have to admit, I am somewhat smitten by her. It probably is the allure of being a Twi-lek and a Jedi and the fact that I don't understand my emotions toward Jarsa. Vishtag is Master Vas's padowan. She is much more calm than her master, but seems to lack confidence in her abilities (like master, like student?). She may even have a touch hero worship or even envy towards her teacher. She took the loss of the people in the underwater city very hard. We did all that we could. Arture seems fairly calm and normal, although she has begun to take an liking to larger and larger weapons. I can't shake the feeling that she likes the power trip of the large weapons. Virea seems to like the machines more than the rest of the crew. She acts as if it is her terrible lot in life to fix the ship or the droids when "we" damage them, yet it seems that she is with them any chance that she can get. Hmmm, Maybe she is shy around non-droids. I like Tobi a lot, even though he doesn't seem to like any living creature. I feel he is using us to his own ends, but at least he is honest with his feelings of hatred. Maybe that is what Virea sees in the machines, honesty with themselves. I haven't known Jason that long. He is wild and unrefined, but that is a good feature, so far. Jarsa is by far the biggest conundrum. I like her, really like her and she seems to like me. Yet, I haven't known her that long and she did double cross the crime boss. I guess that I am scared to trust her. I'm afraid that she will turn on us when we finally get what she wants. Or, maybe, I am scared that she actually likes the person I am pretending to be. The man that I am not. Despite my act, I fear that I am a coward and Jarsa doesn't seem the type to like that type of guy. I'm in way over my head and I don't know how to get out. Actually, I know how to get out, but coming clean will hurt to many people. After this, I'll probably write a letter to my parents and my patrons on Yavin. I'll tell them that I am doing good and having grand, heroic adventures. I am so pathetic.

Stardate 35.02.7


I just finished my letters home. It was the standard letter. "I'm fine. Having fun. How's sis doing in school." What rubbish, but I don't want them to worry. Hmmm.. Maybe my luck is changing. I just won a free package of Nerf-Jerky from the contest in the last pack I just ate. The contest seemed to have ended two and a half years ago, but I'm sure that I'll find someplace that will honor it. On Another note, What is up with light sabers. Am I the only one on this ship who doesn't have one? Vas has two, Gunwald, Vishtag, Jason and even Virea have them. That is a pretty high concentration in a small area. Maybe I should have one. Maybe the others already think that I do. I haven't seen Arture with one yet, but she was the hand to hand fighter. I'd expect her to have one before Virea. Arturee probably has one, it's just out of batteries. I bet that's why she switch to big guns. Also, Why only swords. I want a light Halberd, or a light shield. Hmmm.. Could I rig up an emitter to put a light saber beam all the way around a ship? It would deflect turbo laser fire and I could ram anything. Even a small disc of lightsaber energy could be useful. It could be like a pin point barrier. Nahh, that would never work.


Stardate 35.09.7

Well, we survived our trip out of the debris field. It was awe inspiring. We got this derelict hulk of a space cruiser moving to give us cover. Still we took a good deal of damage because it takes so dang long to astrogate a light speed jump. I need an Astro-mech droid, badly. Also, this old bucket could use an engine modification. I bet that with some time and some spare parts, I could make it the fastest ship in the universe. Knowing my luck, After I finished modifying it, I'd immediately lose it in a card game to a Bespin cloud miner or a Wookie loving Corellian.

Stardate 35.06.8

Woo, What a busy couple of weeks. We met the jedi council to present our findings (and the jedi do-dad). It was like noah's ark. Why do they have only one representative of each race? I know that is not true, but the jedi council chamber gave me that impression. Anyway, we got a mission to find out why a Hutt is after a couple senators. I still believe that we are on a wild goose chase, but I have never had the undying, blind faith in the jedi council that alot of others do. After some light investigating work, we tracked all the senators to having stopped by Malasteir, homeworld of the Dugs. Let me tell you, Dugs are a happy race. (can't you taste the cynacism?) We made a quick stop by a Gran colony on planet. Here's a brilliant idea, let's build a colony on the homeworld of an already aggresive and short tempered alien's home world. And they wonder why the neighbors dislike them. Well, we burst in and added two parts negotiation, three parts intimidation and just a pinch of Force powers to find out that we should go to the zoo. The force certainly can come in handy. Our methods of gathering information, on the other hand, need lots of work. On a lighter note, I got some cotton candy at the zoo.

Stardate 36.02.9

The universe hates me. The Zoo turned out to be a hive of scum and villany. I end up getting shot, multiple times. Lucky me that my spleen is laser resistant, too bad it wasn't laser proof. Jarsa and I get captured and hooked to an evil scientists, evil brain controlling machine of pure evil. Not, that's three evils in just the description. The torment that the machine wrought was horrible, almost like seeing a Rhodian fire first in a gunfight. Well, the calvary arrives and proceed to talk to the Hutt to let us go. Okay, killing everyone at the slightest provocation is okay, except when Jarsa and I are being tortured. Good thing my "friends" didn't give the economic sanctions more time to take effect. So, after my valiant rescuers finnaly were forced into actually fighting, was the Hutt killed. Now, it has to be noted that once pushed out of their laissez-faire attitudes, they did fight well and were badly hurt in the process (Their goals may have been only to kill the Hutt and not saving us). Oh, and there was lots of talk of the "Bandagora". We capture the evil mad scientist guy and head back to Correscant. On the way, the Evil mad scientist guy triggers Jarsa to go into mindless attack mode. She was subdued. Now I don't know what to do. Has my brain been hacked? I was in the machine as well. Will I flip out at the slightest gesture from a spy? Will Jarsa be okay? Can I trust her? Can I trust myself not to hurt her? Oh, then we talk to the self-absorbed pricks on the Jedi counsil. I'm probably lucky that I wasn't light sabered in half. Geez, what a week.