Note: This is my characters personal log and nothing from this should be used in game by other players unless certain events warrant (such as the journal log being read by others). This is mainly for me to flesh out my character and other players to get a feel for the way my character acts and feels. Also, this should be good fodder for the GM. All Comment below are my characters view on the world.

GM Note: These journal entries will probably find there way into a letter that Fredrick will send back to Wilma, the nice Corax lady.


Fredrick's Personal Journal

Day 1

Well, today was a adventure. I'm going about my business as usual, meeting friends that didn't know we were friends yet, when I meet these two interesting characters. One was Annie, she is a half indian trader. The other was Ezikule, a hulking brute of a black man who is a bounty hunter. Ezikule had a bounty on the trunk this other guy was carrying. Well, Annie fixed up a diversion and we snuck into his room to check the trunk. Well, wouldn't you know it, a Vampire popped out of the darned trunk. It starts screamin' and hollererin' and carrin' on that it neary scared me out of my skin. Ezikule transformed into a Werewolf Crinos thingie as Annie got the heck out and I hid. Ezikule managed to re-kill that horrid thing. The Owner of the trunk came in and he was madder than a slow snake in a wagon rut. Ezikule and I headed out the window. I followed Ezikule cause he seemed to have a lot more information than he was lettin' on about. IF there's one thing I can't stand, it's a secret that I don't know. Well, he's a Were-critter. I latter find that The Wagon driver, George, is also a Were-critter. He was still mad about us breakin' into his stuff, but after he cooled down, he was eager to help us track down who or what would ship a vampire in a box. Annie joined us as well. Well, Ezikule and George were incredibly talkative. I almost couldn't get a word in, edge wise even. Along our travels, we wandered into an Indian village. George made a ruckus and scared the indians, so we sat around while Annie traded. I got some of this skin powder and it seems to work. I can hardly feel any bug bites anymore. We also traveled to a Were-wolf hidey-hole. They let Annie in, but not us. I'm thinkin' that she's a Were-wolf kin-folk type person.

Well, Annie's nice but she has got to many secrets that she ain't tellin' me about. That's not very neighborly.

Ezikule is a chatterbox. He seems tough and somber though. I'm sure I can cheer him up.

George is a bit high strung. He needs to be a bit more discreet about his nature, but its okay because we're all friends.

Day 20

Hello Wilma,
We've been travelin' for a while, so I really haven't had time to write. A couple weeks ago, our little party got ambushed by some robbers on the trail, but then they really didn't seem to have the heart to actually shoot us. I'm thinkin' that one of my traveling partners had something to do with that. We also got us a new member. He's an Iriquios Indian by the name of Joe. There's an authentic Indian name, if I ever heard one. It's probably just a nickname for us non-indian types. He is a were-wolf as well. At first I was just guessing as he introduced himself to the other Wolves in their peculiar manner, but later on our trip, he transformed. We wandered into small town along our trip to San Fransisco. It was strange. The town had no animals, horses or otherwise, in the whole thing. All the towns folk caried on like they hadden't a care in the world. They smiled alot, too. Ezikule kept sayin' that the whole place was full of the "Wyrm". We traced the source to tainted well water. The "Wyrm" had apparently been effecting the wild life as well. I had a nasty run in with some mutated dog/bunny/Jack-a-lope things. I handled them, though. The water contamination was traced to a Uktena were-wolf Caern thing. They were supposed to be watchin' after this big nasty thing they had bound, but some stupid werewolves from Europe had been fightin' um. That left them in bad shape to watch the creature and it's evil had been pollutin' the water. We're about to embark on a moon bridge to anotha' Caern to ask for some help. I'll write again soon. Fredrick.

Annie is still mighty secretive with her goings ons. I found out that she's a Nuisha, whatever that is. I can't help being nosey when she is so darn secretive. Maybe she's shy? That Ezikule's talkative nature might be scarin' her.

Ezikule is hard to read. He goes from sullen to "Mr. Duty" at the drop of a hat. If there is a problem, he goes straight at it and won't let go. He's like a coon dog with an old shoe, Excuse the pun.

George is still a bit high strung and likes action to thinkin'. Still he seems good at drivin a stage and bickerin' with Ezikule. As soon as we find how that helps us against the Wyrm, there'll be no stoppin' him.

Joe still has a funny name for an Injun. He's cordial and nice to talk to. He seems to have a chip on his shoulder about white men, but it seems justified. I'll learn more 'bout him as we go.

Day 24

Hello Wilma,
We went on a trip on a moon bridge. We went all the way to some indian tribes far in the north. It was really cold. We are still lookin' for a powerful Theruge to help seal that big evil Wyrm creature I was talkin' 'bout before. Well, her Caern said that she's takin' and umbral vision quest. So, we wander aabout in tha Umbra lookin' for her. We meet a funny ice spirit who was friends with a Pumonca. He liked playin tricks on Garou kind. Then we met a Rabit/Hare spirit how was really powerful. He showed us the back way inta tha Uktena homelands. There were a lot of snakes in there. After a while of lookin', we found "Voices in the Wind". She agreed to help us. Did I mention that she ripped out her eyes to see better? Weird.

Annie is seems a little squeemish around snakes. I guess its a feminine frailty thing.

Ezikule is still Ezikule. Nothin new about him.

George really likes tryin' ta be the group leader. He wants ta introduce us to other Wolves. Indians don't seem ta like him much.

Joe was awful quiet this last while. Hmmmm...

Day 26

Hello again Wilma,
"Voices of the Wind" took a look at the wards guarding the Bane creature and did some divining. She is really good at what she does. I don't think the others understand her genius. We were discussin' how to stop the Ghet of Feneris werewolves from letting the Bane spirit out and tryin' ta kill it. The Ghet's are pretty sure of their combat ability, but we all agreed that this thing would eat them all. Apparently a similar creature took the lives of an entire tribe of Native American werewolves to bind it. "Voices" suggested that we ask to borrow one of the Ghet's seers and show her the future of this thing, or something like that. We went to the Ghet's village and asked them. The seemed to like Ezikule because he returned a weapon to them, so the agreed. Of course, we were threatened about harming her or getting her harmed. She's a shy lass. "Voices" helped her see the creature and her soul kinda ran away. Now, she's comatose and we gotta go find her soul before the Ghet's get angry that we done broke the little girls mind.

Annie was real quiet. She may be a tad sick.

Ezikule is still mister honor and duty. He really needs to lighten up and realize that not everyone sees his point of view.

George was at least tryin' to give good advice, but he needs to be a bit more to the point. His suggestions tend to wander a bit.

Joe dissapeared.

Day 32

Hey Wilma, I hope this letter finds you well.
We took a walk inta the Umbra to search for the Theurge's soul. Her soul was captured by a trio of bane spirits. The two werewolves tore through them quickly enough. We freed the Theruge's soul and returned her to the Ghet. They invited us to their party. There was a bunch of drinkin' and they didn't like my story. By tha way, people have been tellin me that all my stories involve people I know dyin'. It's weird that people would say that, don't ya think? Well, we apparently convinced the Ghet that it'd be bad to open up the bane spirit and try ta choke it ta death with their own bodies. With that taken care of, we headed to San Fransisco. San Fransisco is big. People everywhere. We met Georege's mother and went to track down where tha vampire in tha box was heading ta. We stuck Ezikule in tha box and delivered him. When night fell, they opened tha box and Ezikule grabbed him. We burst in and found a boy who was going to be fed to the Vampire that we killed. We are tryin' to find out who this guy worked for.

Annie showed us what a Nuisha is. It's like a sickly werewolf or Coyote or somethin'. No wonder she was hidin' it.

Ezikule still doesn't know the meaning of teamwork. He charges at stuff head-on without thinking about the rest of us.

George really needs to learn to keep his mouth shut unless he has somethin' important ta say.

Joe dissapeared.

Day 34

Greetings, Wilma
Whoo Wee! What a couple days it has been. I mentioned the guy who was waitin for the Vampire. Well, Ezikule drowned him and broke his neck. We found out that a guy was workin' as a go between between the guy acceptin delivery of vampires and tha guy who ordered it. He was a legal clerk or somethin. Well, we searched around for him, found him and tracked him to his house. I snuck in since the rest of our little group are louder than a pole cat in heat. I snuck inta this guys house and held a knife to his throat while Zeek climbed in and began tha sweet talkin'. After a short bit, we figured somethin' was wrong. It turns out, we had the wrong guy. There we are threaten' to kill a guy who has no idea what we are talkin' about. Boy, were our faces red. It's funny when ya think of it. Well, funny for us, not for the poor guy we threatened. But anyway.. We found that the real guy we wanted was that lawyer's son. We broke into his apartment and asked him a few questions. After we got some answers and George traded with some information of his own, Zeek goes and breaks the kid's neck and tosses him out tha window. IT was okay, cause after he did that, we found some papers provin' that he was really a bad guy. I'm thinkin' we should check these thing before Zeek goes about neck breakin'. We find some addresses that may have somethin' ta do with the main guy, but we ain't sure. Annie insisted we check them out. we had a weird lunch at the oriental restaraunt. My stomach still is doin' flips and everythind was spicier than licking a stove pipe. I think my partners are barking up the wrong tree with these addresses. I think our Vampire orderer guy is at the Social club with a candelstick and a vampire in a box. But, Annie and Zeek wanna make sure of everything. As an aside, I seem to be getti' a thicker southern accent as I go. I might wanna take a tonic for it before it really begins botherin' people.

Annie proved to us that she is really good at fibbin'. She found us the lawyer guy by actin' all hysterical and stuff. It done flaberghasted the guy. Annie is a smart woman, a real survivor, but I don't think she's gonna find a good man by doing stuff like that. Oh, and she's multi-lingual.

Ezikule is takin' a little to much pleasure in snappin' people's necks. It worries me how he can do it all casual like. I'm worried that he might snap someone's pea pickin' neck if he runs out a syrup for his flap jacks.

George still seems out a place with all this sneakin' around. He talks all tough about how he avenged his Pa's murder, but really seems bad at finding information. Maybe his Pa's murderers left a forwardin' address.

Georger's Ma is a saint of a woman. She puts up with George and didn't even blink about openin' her house ta two black fellows and a half indian girl. Plus, her flap jacks are wonderful. Georege needs to respect his Ma a bit more.

Day 42

Yo, Wilma
We're still in San Francisco trying ta find who ordered a vampire parcel post. Annie and George dressed up all pretty and rich like and went in ta the Gentlemen's club that the guy we think is behind it owns. Zeek drove the carriage and talked with the stable hands and other servants. I got to sneak in and check the offices. I found some interesting stuff on some of the dealin's with other well ta do people in San Fran. Annie and George made friends with a lady werewolf at the party. Later we went to check up on her and share gossip about smacking the Wyrm. Her wealthy husband was attending a business meeting with alot of those well ta do people I mentioned earlier. I, of course, was sent to spy on the meeting. It was boring. I'm kinda getting sick of being the groups spy. I don't much take to skulking in the shadows. Well, actually I do, but not to this extent. I'd rather be chattin' with these people and sharin' stories. Oh, back ta my story. There were some thugs waiting in Mr. married to a werewolf guy's carriage. They conked him on tha noggin and tried to kidnap him. I was strollin' about and tried to put a stop to it. They wouldn't see reason, I had to get tough and furry. They didn't run so I had to fight them. Oh, two cops that I knew wandered in and got hurt. When I say hurt, I mean like the killed kind of hurt. Now, Annie and Zeek are pickin' on me cause people I know end up gettin' hurt. And when I say hurt, I mean like the killed kind of hurt. It seems ta me, people only get hurt when I'm not around. Well, except for some of them. Okay, most but I think its just coincidence. Also, in the end, the Werewolf woman tortutred the surviving thug until she got what she wanted. She's scary. I almost forgot. The rest of the group was makin' fun of the using a Chitlin Poultus on a head wound. They don't understand the finer points of Southern medicine.

Annie looks really good when she is all made up. I was surprised how well she fit in with the high society people. Maybe there is more to her than she's tellin'. Maybe she's a European princess forced into exhile here like that one I met in Alberquerke. It's sad that she was killed in a freak train/buffalo collision. Why she was on a buffalo I'll never know.

Ezikule was amazin'ly calm. There was fightin' that he wasn't in on and he let the Werewolf woman do all the torturing. He may be gettin' soft. On second though, nahh.

George seemed a bit out of place at the Gentleman's club, but other than that he seemed ta do fine. Not that we did much.

The Werewolf woman is really scary!!!!

Day 44

Howdy, Wilma
We have been stayin' at the werewolf ladies' farm. We got some information out a the thug that I caught. He mentioned this well ta do rich guy as our baddie. We're still tryin ta find him though. We found he owns a Turnip farm outside of San Francisco. We'll Zeek and I went and got our selves hired as manual laborers workin' in tha fields. It was hard work. While there, we tried ta find out some information on the bad guy who ownes tha place by talkin to the field hands. That got us know where and tha guy I talked to done collapsed of heat exhaustion. We then snuck into his manor house and found some of his papers. Annie is lookin them over.

Annie is actually good at sneakin' about. That little lady is full o suprises.

Ezikule managed not to break anyone's neck in a couple days. Plus, he made an attempt at talking with people. I may be rubbin' off on him and gettin' him to be more social like.

George had to run some jobs for his Mom.

Day 47

Ko-Nichi-Wa, Wilma
That is "Hello" in Japanese. We are continuing ta search for the Vampire in San Fransisco. As we were snoopin around Chinatown, we bumped into this little Asian girl. She seemed to be followin' us, but we spotted her. We asked us what we were doin' and she asked us ta help her find an important art object that was stolen from her. How could we resist a request to help a lady in distress. Well, actually, she didn't technically ask us to help, but I know she wanted our help. We snuck around Lotus Blossom's restaraunt and found that she'd sold the item to a collecter nearby. her place smelled weird, but she did have a nice buffet set out... I mean fish tank. I have my weaknesses too. Anyway, we went to the guy's house that bought the item. We snuck in and took a look around. The guy had a weird basement. It was like a Indian medicineman's hut, only more White man style. We found the pretty object and it felt weird and powerful, like a fetish but different. The item was trapped and suddenly the basement closed and we couldn't see or get out. EZekule didn't take it that well and started tearing up the place. I went to the umbra, which was also locked, and finnaly convinced a spirit to help us out. We escaped, quickly. Zeek hurt his eyes, though. I'm thinkin' that he forgot and scratched his eyes while in Crinos form. Oh, and it turns out the Japanese girl was a were-fox.

Annie is doing okay. She is real good about looking through other people's stuff, which helps us. She has been fibbin' a lot lately, which is a little un-lady-like.

Ezikule is startin to learn how to be subtle like and sneak around, but when that goes wrong he tends to fall back on brute strength more than brains.

Ms. Matui Mitchiko was a strange Japanese were-fox girl. She Didn't say much and had a strange accent, and smell to her. She was a bit embarrased when she was naked so she may not have much self-esteem. She was cute. If she was a cheetah, I might have been interested in being her suiter. Looks like I am out of luck on findin' a Cheetah girl out here in the West. Oh well.

Day 72

Buenas Dias, Wilma
That is "Hello" in Spanish. Sorry, it's been about a month since I wrote you. We had a lot of stuff happen. We found out that the guy we think is a vampire was having a bunch of friends over for a party. Our dear Annie, snuck in as a house maid and found that some o' the prettier maids and servant boys were dissapearing. We figured they's been kidnapped and locked in that basement of tha manor house to be used as snacks. So, The night before tha party, we snuck in and freed the hostages. They were drugged, so we couldn't get them off the property. We ended up stashing them in the hay loft. Zeek and I stayed with them all day ta keep them calm. I got to tell lots of my stories. They seemed ta still be under tha Vampire's spell because some kept tryin' to commit suicide. That night, we were able ta steal a wagon an get the victims ta safety. Then tha party was startin', so we decided ta join. Annie kept startin' rumors about the host, Zeek was being his normal cheerful self, and I was tryin' ta be as 'colorful' as possible. Since it was a swank, white folks party, it quickly turned inta a disaster. We managed to make it seem like the host vampire's idea, and he was soon madder than a snake. Once everyone left, we confronted him. He put Zeek ta sleep and shot at Annie, so we attacked. After a bit of a scrap, Zeek tore 'im in half. Now, we covered our tracks and are now lookin' for the only other vampire we found at tha party. Now that I think about it, 23 victims does seem much for two vampires, though.

Annie was real good at pretendi' ta be an Indian princess. Hmm, maybe to good. Maybe she weren't pretendin'.

Ezikule once again thinks with his muscles and rushed in head first, but his strength is an asset. Now, if he were a tad more social on the trail.

Wilhelm was indeed a Vampire and is now half tha man he used ta be.

Day 75

Hello Wilma
Ya might find this letter interestin'. We helped one of Wilhelm's maid to get un-Wyrm tainted. She didn't like The other Vampire at tha party, but she really did like Wilhelm, even though he was a dirty bloodsucker. Zeek didn't kill her, which means he might be softening. Of course he did want ta kill the Silver Fang's snooty butler just because he was lookin' down on him, so maybe not. In a way, it reminded me of what George would do. Anyway, we woke up ta find a strange cloud over the city. There was also a bunch of ravens stuck to a wall with railroad spikes. We went to the umbra and found a Corax bein attacked by evil werewolf thingies. We saved her, but she doesn't want ta share her secrets. We will see about that....

Annie is back to her gunslingin' ways

Ezikule has some definate anger management issues. Maybe he needs a hug.

Day 75, part 2

Hello Wilma
We left the indian Corax girl with our Silverfang friend. She still didn't tell us what was in her treasure box. That's still not nice. We did some snoopin' and ended up at an old mexican church. That only found us tha hidin' place of the Corax that was killed, not to tha people that kileld him. Opps. Well, we also met anotha werewolf. I have a feelin' he might be stickin around for a bit.

Day 77

Hey, Wilma
Well we solved the riddle of tha San Fransisco smog monster. For some reason, I'd thought we had already checked tha grave digger, but apparently we hadn't. I was talking to a tree in tha umbra ta find out more information. Meanwhile, Annie gets bored and finds the grave digger and thinks it's the buzzard. They don't even let me finish ma talk before they rush off ta fight it. It might have been the kindly, old man Crenshaw for all we knew. Well, they attack him. He doesn't put up to much of a fight. Aftaward, Zeek rips of tha guys mask and finds it was Buzzard. okay, it wasn't technically a mask, it was more like his face, but anyway. He's dead and tha cloud dissapated. We piled into tha "Mystery Wagon" and headed back ta town. We told or story to tha Silver fang and the Corax lady and had a happy ending. I need a good fur conditioner, because I'm gettin a bit 'shaggy'. Ezikule Doobie Do! (yes, the entire thing reminded me of a Scooby Do adventure).

Annie is bein' real mean. She was as anxious to learn about the Indian Corax's box secret as me. She found out, but won't tell me. That's not nice at all.

Ezikule is gettin' more an more like George was. He starts a runnin' at the first hint o trouble and dives in with out lookin' or thinkin'. Maybe he misses George.

Jack is an 'Iron Rider' werewolf. That doesn't seem too comfortable, ta me. But, he seems nice enough.

Day 106

Its been a long time, Wilma
We have been moving around for a while and we have ended up in Boulder, Colorado. We learned that there has been some trouble in a local Silver mine. Zeek and Annie were positive that something evil was going on without any proof, but I got drug along anyway on this. Well, I don't like enclosed places, so they drag me down inta a mine. Well, we got lost pretty fast. We spot a couple weird lookin fellows and Zeek kills them before we can learn what they were doing. Tha boy has some bad problems. Anyway, we continue on, and Annie and Zeek decide ta head inta a much smaller passage. I'm not going in there unless I have ta. More latter....

Annie has been up on her high horse lately. It seems like she doesn't think she should have ta be travellin with us.

Ezikule is now killin indescriminately. I think he might be a psychopatic murder type who is tryin to justify his actions.

Jack had some business to attend ta, and wasn't there with us.

Day 106, part 2

Heyo, Wilma
Well, we're still in tha mine and really no closer to findin' a way out. We found a bunch a kids and a group a African women. It appears that tha evil guys are mind controllin' the men folk and havin' them mine fa silver. Also, it appaers that they been kidnappin' people from all over tha world. All my ideas are gettin' shot down, so I'm just kinda sitting back.

Annie is really keen on motherin' tha orphan children. That doesn't help us get out a tha cave, though.

Ezikule is wussin' out and seems scared of tha baddies. Maybe he's being affected by tha mind control.