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Mutants and Masterminds

Superheros... Well, our version of super heroics.

Lung Chi (Superhero code name)

A martial artist from China. He grew up in a Monestary and learned a near extinct style of Kung-Fu. Believes that a calm mind can solve all problems and practices 'mind over body' exercises. Possesses extraordinary sensory powers due to his meditation practices. Seems to use chi to control air, jump and add strength to his strikes. Carries a strange sword.


Do you want to know the Secrets of the Universe?

Ask Lung!

He'll use his ancient Chinese Wisdom to help you!

Wraith (Superhero code name)

A superhero who uses lots of illusions. She creates illusionary disguises, for herself and the group. Can phase through solid objects. Is quite profecient with her pair of pistols and useful grenades.

"Ask Lung" Annalysis: She seems to be the daughter of a famous hero who was killed or dissapeared. Emotionally guarded. It is hard to say whether she is driven by revenge or trying to get out her parent's shadow.

Jason (His only Name), codename: Comet

A good looking, former child actor. Still has some adoring fans. Has strength above mortal men. Uses cosmic powers to fly, shoot energy blasts and create a shield. He can also heal and teleport. Blew up our pool.


"Ask Lung" Annalysis: Duality, self conflict, loss of path. Desires attention but shys from it. Desperately wants to be helpful to the group, but wishes to do his own thing. Internal struggle between his desire to do good and the power which allows him to break any rules constraining him.

Codename: Sky Bolt

Controls Electricity. She can also fly and control electronics with her mind. Has stress related stomach problems (see above). Likes the Cherry flavored Malox. Could turn evil at any moment, just to kill Jason.

"Ask Lung" Annalysis: Rage. She has major issues with Jason's flaws. She demands her ideals for heros on her teammates and internalizes her anger when we fail to live up to her lofty goals.

Others (PCs and NPCs)

Jeremy - the Boss. He's a creepy looking guy who uses bone manipulation.

Pix - A small fairy girl who's mainly a messenger.

Jeeves - The robotic housekeeper

Nuku Nuku - Superpowered android with a Cat's brain.

The LSDeacon - Drugs and Religion. Nuff Said.

Story Notes:

Many years after all the super heros and villians dissappeared, a younger crop has sprung up to take their place. Our group was recruited to be a team by Jeremy, an experienced dark hero. After a good deal of tracking, we foiled a plan that an irate archeologist had to obtain ultimate power by ressurrecting an ancient Aztec god. He hired some lackeys and we managed to defeat them all and thwart the plan. After that, we visited China on the track of one troubled hero that may have learned too much about the dissapearance. We passed through a neither-world book depository and ended up in Idaho. Some paranoid heros had meddled in magics they couldn't contain. We set everything right, kind of. We are still searching, and there are hints of alien involvement.



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