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Mutants and Masterminds: Highschool

Superheros... Well, our version of super heroics.... In Highschool.


Central Birmingham High - Your average sub-urban highschool in your average affluent suburb of a city. Normals only. Our high schoolers go here and transfer to a special highschool for a few 'gifted' classes.

Vulcan School for the Gifted - A small school for Supers disguised as a private advanced education facility. Classes are divided into larger groups by age. All the highschoolers are in the same class.


Laurel Rose Miller

Laurel is the definition of the perfect high school girl. She is pretty, athletic, rich, refined and popular. She is the girl that every girl wants to be and every guy wants to date. Yet, her 'perfect girl' facade hides a broken home life and a horrible childhood. Laurel is not forthcoming with details about either. Her hobbies include cheerleading, swimming, gardening, student council and gossiping. Laurel is not stupid, but can be quite dense at times. She is currently dating Brad, Madeline's older brother and football quarterback. She is a year older and in the class ahead of the other two girls.


Superhero Identity - Faberge

With her identity hidden under a mask and golden unitard studded with gem like crystals, Laurel can use her superpowers as the superheroine Faberge. She Modeled her costume off the Faberge eggs from Russia. She uses the powers of Telekinesis to fly, attack and shield herself. Using her powers, other than flight, tends to weaken her and give her a headache.



Ellen is Madeline's next door neighbor and comes from a family of superheros. She tends to be a loner (or shy). Her hobbies include theater and taking up the family business of super hero-ing.

Superhero Identity- Not chossen, yet.

Elen uses her illusion superpower to create her superhero disguise and tends to change as the mood or situations change. She also has the ability to phase through solid objects. She is new to the super hero-ing and has yet to define her super hero persona.

Madeline (hates the nickname Maddie)

A goth girl who is rebelling against her 'too perfect' family. Somewhat of the blacksheep of the family, especially when compared to her older brother and (non identical) twin sister. Hobbies include drama, beatnik poetry and being gothy and angsty.


Superhero Identity- None yet (although Laurel has nicknamed her 'Pretty Pretty Princess Warrior')

Cursed/Blessed by a fairy god mother (actual Shie Faie) with a twisted sense of humor, Madeline must transform to have use of her super powers. Her transfomation costume is a sickly cute outfit reminiscent of Sailor Moon. All her powers have cutesy side affects such as sparkles, pretty colors or the smell of candy. This dismays the gothy Madeline to no end.


A rather metrosexual boy from an alternate dimension where he is considered "Manly". He is constantly in fear of being contaminated with "baddness". He fights crime and gender roles. Is good at ballet, cooking and interior design. Currently rooming at Ellen's house.


Superhero Identity- ?

Can spin. Spin fast. And hurt stuff. All, while looking 'fabulous'.

Daniel Thompson

A big, tough guy and member of the football team. Hangs out with the group because we are all supers. He has a weird thing with masochism and burning his nipples.


Superhero Identity- Captain Power

As Captain Power, He is super strong. super Tough and can regenerate his burned nipples.

Others (PCs and NPCs)

Jobe - the other leading Goth at school. Is depressing and may be 'slow'. Nicknamed by us 'Super Trent Resnor'.

Grey Ghost - Old school and well respected local super hero. Also, Ellen's dad.

Story Notes:

This game takes place several years before out last Superhero game. The mall is where all the third rate Super Villians try to attack. Mystical, Celtic "Fey" creatures do not know the joys of 'Coach' Handbags. An Alien invasion is immenent, but seems to have been forgotten. The streets are flooding with drugs that give people superpowers, but we don't care. We find out that a corrupt company wants to clone Laurel, but they wander off. An evil Swedish mastermind has bought Maddie's services... Now we care.


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