Player: 8-track

The Sound of Gaming


My Warped Brain Proudly Presents a Musical.

The Sound of Gaming!

Opening Scene

A group of butt-kicking, vampire killing, demon lynching nuns chop through a horde of ghouls, Ghasts and other evil baddies. The scene pans back to find people Rolelaying Ravenloft. One nun (character) is the odd ball, disliked by the others. It alone ventures to fight the Master of Ravenhold. The others sing.

Song: Strahd. (Sung to: Problem like Maria)

What do you do about a Problem like Strahd.

How do you keep your Soul out of his hand.

How do you solve a problem like Strahd...

And lift the evil that covers all the land.

Scene 2

Our heroine is kicked out of her gaming group and sent to another gaming group to reform them. They all speak with Austrian accents and only know MUDs, Everquest and hack and slash glory gaming. She gives it her best shot to turn the rag-tag goobers into real gamers. She starts with the basics.

Song: The Basics (Sung to the tune of "Do-Rei-Me.")

Do, A martial art know by Acashics.

Ray, a spell that is ranged touch.

Me, the boss for Chaotic Neutral.

Fa(r), adds +4 for rolls to hit.

So, a spell that needs somatic components.

LAW,a light anti-tank weapon.

Tea, the ceremony gives you Void.

And that bring us back to.. (Repeat untill you are sick of it)

Scene 3

Our gaming heroine is in bliss at having turned the goobers into proper geeks. And sings about it.

Song: Equipment (sung to: Some of my favorite things)

Glaives from Ghet's,

And whiskers on were-kittens,

Claws that cause baddies to bleed,

These are a few items my characters need.

Robes of wizards,

and +3 swords, +5 against lizards,

and you can't forget about boots of speed.

These are a few items my characters need.

Machinegun, asault rifles galore,

a pistol with a really big bore,

If they are running, remember to lead,

These are a few items my characters need.

Emeralds and Ex-P,

Magic items that make me giggle with glee,

Gold enough to saite my greed,

These are a few items my characters need.

For a loot bag filled with Bling Bling,

Is truely my favorite thing.

Scene 4

The entire group is displaced from their gaming home by gay Hitler and a horde of Card gamers. Distraught, they are stuck into a concentration camp called real life, where they have to get jobs, wear ties and act like adults. It is revealed, that in our heroine's heart, she is still a gamer.

Song: The games (sung to: The hills are alive)

The hills are alive, with the sound of gamers.

Normals say there is nothing lamer.

We say there is nothing as nice,

As the sound of too many dice.

For, the hills are alive, with the sound of Gamers!



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