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Historical Games/ Alternate History

The Founding Fathers!

Using either Word of Darkness or a Superhero system

It is the late 1700s, around, say 1776. The American colonies are under seige. The colonists had just been involved in a war with American Indian Shamen and Werewolves (who were backed by French Vampires). But now, the colonists are being controlled and repressed by King George (Who is actually a Promethian construct created by the British Parliment, or perhaps an evil mastermind like Duke Sidious...). There are even reports that the Britishs are seeking to destroy the Awakened amongst the colonies. The seeds of Revolution are sown. The Colonists are of course aided by the technology of the Free Masons. The "Founding Fathers" work out of secret bases in Philidelphia, New York and Boston.




George Washington

Werewolf (SilverFang) or fighter/leadership powers.

The legendary leader of the Army of the Potomac. You know him. You love him. Not much to say. His wooden teeth can cut through most anything.

Thomas Jefferson

Any Race or Inteligence based powers.

The Nerd before there were pocket protectors. He's smart. He wrote that whole Constitution thing.

Big Ben Franklin

Mage (Son or Ether) or Invention/lightning based powers.

The origianal mad scientist of the British Colonies. He was also an accomplished diplomat and ladies man. Think of him as 007 with gout. His greatest inventions were the Glass Harmonica and the Phonetic Alphabet, of and something with a kite and key.

Samuel and Abagail Adams

Any, but brewing gets some bonus points.

Staunch supporters of Freedom. Samuel wrote the Articles of Confederation and was large influence in the Continetal Congress. Abagail was every part his equal. Made some darn good Beer.

John Adams

Vampire or any annoyingly anal powers

He was the "other" Adams. He was the diplomat working in Franklin's shadow and the Congressman in his cousin, Samuel's shadow. Anal to a fault and a stickler for rules. He was a bit of an ass.

Robert Treat Payne

Mage or any linguistic or fire based powers

Firebrand... Pure and simple. He could stir up the masses.

Paul Revere

Any or any speed based powers

Master rider and messenger.. Also created the pictures of the Boston Massacre.

Alexander Hamilton

Any or any Money based powers

Master Finacier. and aide-de-camp of Washington's.

Aron Burr

Vampire or any pistolier/dueling powers

Professional second fiddle. Barely lost to Jefferson in the presidential election. Was mocked by Hamilton and dueled him. Burr won the duel, but lost the war. Probably best as a sidekick.

Female Characters


The men of the revolution may be more well know, but there are some refrences of the fairer sex. Molly Pitcher can be a healer and fighter type. The 6 foot plus Georgian "War woman", Nancy Hart, makes a good fighter. Sybil Ludington wass the female Paul Revere. And don't forget Lydia Darragh, the Quaker Spy.

The War of Northern Aggression!

Using either Exhalted, Psion, or Godlike. They are Gods among men.

In the early 1860s, the timid south is had enought of the tyranical rule caused by the northern states. Enter the Southern Generals. The battle impossible odds and singlehandedly take on opposing armies by themselves. The South will rise again.... They can fight likes of Meade, Sherman (an inhuman killing machine cyborg), Hooker (and his Soiled Doves ninja team), Grant (Master of Drunken Fist Kung-Fu) ,Chamberlain, and Burnside (with his pyrokinectic sideburns). Jefferson Davis sits in the command bunker and sends his team out to defend the states rights .. to drink Mint Juleps.




General Lee

Leadership powers

What needs to be said about this enigmatic leader. Could probably win the war single handedly, but likes the challenge of having his troops do it. His secret identity is Southernman Grey.

Stonewall Jackson

Protection Powers

Every superhero team needs its Brick. Stonewall fits this role to a 'T'. His secret Identity is Southernman Stone.

J.E.B. Stuart

Speed/Horsemanship Powers

The Calvary officer and speedster of the group. His secret Identity is Southernman Dove Grey.

Nathan Bedford Forrest

Offensive and Horsemanship Powers

Probably the most famous Calvary officer ... ever. He floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee well before that became fashionable. His secret Identity is Southernman Charcoal Grey.

James Longstreet

Defensive Powers

A capable officer who worked a bit on the conservative side. His secret Identity is Southernman Steel Grey.

George Pickett

Offensive Powers

fly and stung like a bee well before that became fashionable. His secret Identity is Southernman Charcoal Grey.

Pierre Beauregard

Building, Engineering, Clerical

After leading the attack on Fort Sumter, he did little else. Is a good sidekick. His secret Identity is Southernman Sidekick.

Female Characters


Southern Gentlemen would never let a lady fight.

Games only I'd Like

NASCAR Avengers

Superhero game or Mekton.

As the new millinium dawned (in 2001, not 2000), Dale Earnhardt was getting tired of intentionally losing races to give other drivers a chance to develop. He knew the time for Earth was short. He knew of the horrors to come. In order to push young drivers into being heros, he emplimented his fatal accident. But, not before he had downloaded himself into a super computer. Now, he is the mastermind (in the translucent, computer generated form) for the NASCAR avengers and their cars, which transform into power suits. They alone must fight alien invaders and the occasional scary German or Frenchman from F1. Darrel "Jaws" Waltrip is the stern Kentucky Drill Sargeant. The King, The Silver Fox and the ghost of Fireball Roberts help teach the youngsters like the teachers at the Xavier School, only for race drivers.

NASCAR Pokemon


Nemecheck, I choose You! Really, once you got Jimmy Spencer, you'd win.


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