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Shadowrun On-line

The game is currently set in the year 2061, and like most Shadowrun games, centers around Seattle. Unlike most games, it takes place in a highschool. Think Ninja Highschool and you are close.

Player Characters


Our overly cute main character. A product of creative Bioengineering.



Race:  Genetically Engineered Human                           Height:  1.83m (5ft 7 in)

Sex:  Female                                                                        Weight: 62.5 kg (120 lbs)

Eyes:  Blue                     Hair:  Blue                                  Age:  3



ATTRIBUTES                                                                                    POOLS

Body               6 (9)                Reaction                     6 (11)              Karma            24

Quickness      6 (10)              Initiative                      11 + 3D6        Combat          5

Strength          1 (5)                Astral Reaction          6 (25)              Initiate             2

Charisma       6 (10)              Astral Initiative           25 + 1D6        Magic             4

Intelligence     6 (8)                                                                            Task                1

Willpower       6

Essence         6

Magic             7

SKILLS                                                                       SPELLS                                                                    

Acting             1                                                        Antidote Toxin 3

            Theater Drama          6                                  Chaos                         3

Armed Combat                     1 (2)                            Chaotic World           4

Athletics                                 1 (3)                           

            Volleyball                    2 (4)                            Cure Disease            3

Biology                                               2                                  Detox              3

Dancing                                  3 (4)                            Heal                            3

Computer                               2                                  Healthy Glow              3

Computer Theory                  1                                  Improved Invisibility   6

Conjuring                                4                                  Overstimulation         4

Corporate Etiquette              3 (6)                           

Firearms                                2                                  Stablize                      3

Geisha Etiquette                   3 (7)                            Stimulation                 3

Japanese                               4                                  Treat                           6

Magical Theory                      5                                  Trid Spectacle           3

Negotiatons                           2 (6)

Play Synthesizer                    1

Singing                                   5 (9)

Sociology                               2

Sorcery                                   5

Street Etiquette                     1 (5)

Racing                                    1

            Formula One              3

Unarmed Combat                 3 (4)


BIOWARE                                                                  WEAPONS

Bone Design (Cultured)                                           Barret Model 121 (Damaged,

Cerebral Booster (Cultured)            2                   Doesn’t Work) /83 APDS rounds


Enhanced Articulation                      Monofilament Sword (“Jewel Encrusted”)

            (Cultured)                               Yamaha Rapier (modified to do 14S Stun)            

                                                                                                  w/981 rounds

Fangs (Cultured)                                                      

Muscle Augmentation           4                                  GEAR

(Cultured)                                           Smartgoggles w/Smartlink Level II and

Pathological Defense           6                        Thermographics disguised as

(Cultured)                                                                               Sunglasses

                                                                        Maglock Passkey

Platelet Factory                                                         Blood samples for Magic Group

Superthyroid Gland                                                   Bridal Gown

Syntacardium                        1                                 

            (Cultured)                                                       VEHICLES

Toxic Extraction                  4                        Mazda City Roadster (Minivan)

            (Cultured)                                                       Honda Cute (Scooter)

Vehicle Link-Up        




College Funds for kids:  193,841.20¥




Ishtar's twin Sister (Actually one of 3 known twin sister's of Ishtar). Has Black hair. Innocent, shy and sheltered. Isis hasn't had the adventurous life the other's have led. She is more reserved and unsure of her future. Her hobby is reading.


An energetic, outgoing, tom-boyish, highspirited Were-Fox. She was raised by humans and prefers her human side to her fox side, but accepts her rare nature. Rei is very skilled about hiding her unique nature. She considers herself Ishtar's little sister andis very close to her. She is a Physical Adept and is interested in sports.


Ishtar's creator and "father". A great Biologist and genetic Scientist.


Young Elven nobel Married to Stephen. She is Ishtar's "Mother" even though they look to be about the same age. Deelit is very mature for her age and is a capable Biologist and scientist in her own right. Most people assume that her youthful looks are due to her elven blood, but occassionally she still has some childish habits.

Timothy O'Neil (Yosho)

An Elf like no other. Has Amnesia and is missing a large portion of his life. Learned he is missing Heir to a Royal Tir Na' Nog family. Is Married to Ishtar and has another wife and child in Tir Na' Nog that he didn't know about, but does now. Currently on a self exploration mental training vacation. Hasn't been heard from in a while.

Bishamon and Venus

Ishtar's Twin sister and Brother-in-law. Still On Honeymoon


The oldest Shadowrunner known. Now the Favorite Uncle to the family. Likes Panther cannons.


Troublemaker and loose cannon. Lives to annoy Drake.

Rei-Chel and Arshes

Ishtars newborn Elven Twin girls

The Pups

Rei's Puppies/babies. 4 of her litter of 7 survive. Unusual is the fact that they all were Were-foxes.


Friendly girl in Ishtar and Isis's class. Senior Class President. Works in her parents Curio shop in The Archalogy.

Rei's Family

Were-foxes. Oldest Sister (Tendoko =play off of 'Heaven'), Older brother (Tsuchi = Earth), + more

Rebecca Asagawa

A Shawman in Ishtar's class.

Aphrodite and 'Chique'

Other sisters to Ishtar. Aphrodite died and 'Chique' hasn't been found and may be dead.


A small Cotton top Tamarin that was cybernetically enhanced to human intelligence by Lofwyr. Also a data storage unit.





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