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World of Darkness: 3rd Edition

A World of Darkness game currently galavanting around the world.

Player Characters

Angellos Pappas


Born in Crete and grew up in Italy after his parents were killed. Raised by his Uncle, who was in the Costra Nostra. Became an accomplished Assasin. Very strong beliefs in the Catholic Church. Sees himself like Archangel Michael, a weapon for God to use to cut out evil. Sent to New York to help with some smuggling and as a favor to an American mob boss. Fled the city after assasinating a top member of the Russian mafia that was muscling in. Fled to Tennessee until the heat died down.

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Human (Spirit touched)

An Ex-Special Forces Soldier recruited by a super secret organization called the Alpine Society. The Alpine Society may actually be a false front, as they really haven't done anything. He was saved from death by a fox spirit that resides in his head and annoys him.

Lady Isis


A Egyptian looking young woman who is from the ancient Egypt. Was unwrapped as a mummy and released from Torpor only recently (well many years ago). Is regal and has multiple personality syndrome. She has substantial resources, contacts, and attitude. Looks down on humans. Has had run ins with Lilith before.



A young lady the group found as they chased Lillith North from Tennessee. Lilith killed her family and she was hell bent on revenge. The group took her in. She was an amateur cat burglar, so had some good skills. She is killed by a snake demon and Isis turns her into a vampire. Now she has to deal with her new self and finding revenge.

Johnathan Heidern


Occult bookstore owner and Bail bondsman. He was accidentally taken by the group after Lillith attacked his bookstore. Has a mysterious past wrapped up in amnesia.



Kill happy vampire that was rescued in Louisville. Worships Omaha. Likes big things with sharp edges that he can swing.

? (We've Nicknamed him Oscar, from the Odd Couple)


not much is known, yet. Violent

Orbit (Felix)


Not much is know yet. Meh.

Other Characters


Demon. Is trying to take over the world with the help of her mind controlled cult. Can hijack female bodies as her last body is killed. Only way to destroy her is to break her altar... Or is it?

Tabitha Sterne

A young rich girl abducted by Lillith's demons. She was saved by Angellos. Her parents (and extended family) were killed. Now works as Angellos' protege.

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Daughter of the police chief of Chicago and Niece to Chicago's mafia boss. She was kidnapped by Angellos, but the deal went sour before she was handed off. After being threatened by Lillith, she hides behind Angellos for protection.


Young child. Innocent. The Vamps want her out of their sight. Ghouled by Omaha.


A Med-Tech from Tennessee. Ghouled by Isis.

Amnesia Girl

From Wales. Found in Iceland. Bear knocked her stupid.




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