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Dungeons & Dragons, Forgotten Realms

This game is set in Baldur's gate in The Western Heartland of the Realms.


Bear (not from .Hack), is a 20th level fighter. He smacks things, repeatedly. He has a dark past as a slave and gladiator and tends to hide any emotions that he has. He has a long dark background but, No one seems to care as long as he smashes stuff. Tends to collect useless objects.

Bear's Epilogue


bear2 bear3

Attack Roosters

rooster1 rooster2


Amaryllis, The Shape changing Mage (she crit hit a boat)

Bolen,The Pixie Wizard. Are his wands called Pixie Sticks?

Baby (Omelette), Young Red dragon who thinks Kain and Amaryllis are its parents

Locent, The Palladin of Torm who isn't entirely lawful.

Yazzar, The Wild elf that thinks she's an ork priestess of Grummesh.

Kain, The Smack talkin', ghetto punk Drgaon Disciple palladin of Tiamat.

Quent, The punk thief that steals from the group and wonders why we don't trust him.

Vortoc, Half-orc monk built for speed. Now dead.

Shivaan, a Psionic warrior with more ego than talent.

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