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Star Wars

Star Wars in the old Republic days.

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StarWars Roll Call!


Mitchel Lamay

Pilot, Bodyguard and Pirate Hunter. Human, From the Yavin system. Jack of a couple trades, master of none. Hasn't met a vehicle yet that he can't crash. If the old saying that "Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing," then he is a good pilot. He does the impossible with ease, but the mundane things nearly kill him (and others). Full throttle parralell parking into a half destroyed ship hulk, through a debris field, in a transport, in reverse is easy. Jinking a little to avoid incomming fire is apparently impossibly hard.

Mitchel's Private Journal


Farghel (feline race), Hand to hand (Paw to Paw to Tail?) fighter now has an affinity to use big guns. Seems to like the ship weapons.


Jedi Squid in training. Excellent with a Stun Rod, poor with a light saber. Is depressed because her master is nut-zoid.


Human, Droid technician. Collecting parts for her own droid army.


Medical Droid with a sardonic sense of humor and a tad of angst against living creatures. Would be a darksider if he could just kill.


Force user. Jedi in training before his master bought it. Is seeking revenge, but is the least likely of the force users in the vicinity to get a dark side point. Go fig. Is that a commentary about us?


Human theif-like street tough. Currently the first thing we would vote off the space ship, if it came down to it. The Trash is second.

Notes and Others

Master Vas (Twilek Jedi) and Master Gunwald

Master Vas is going Darkside. Master G is way too calm about it. Oh, Chocolate staves off Dark side points.

A Space chase nearly kills us. We have an artifact that everyone wants. Killed a hidden sub-mariner race. Racking up the frequent flier miles.

Twilek Jedi party hard.

Fight the Good Fight - Or Lego my Character!

Scene 1, Act 3 - Stuck on a hostile backwater planet, our heros must fight to survive.


Mitchel takes in the sights with the help of the local guide.


Arture decides that the group may be a detriment to her health.


Uh Oh, Car Jacking in the 24th and a half Century.


A local tough learns that you don't take an axe to a light saber fight.


We learn not to mess with the guy who brings an axe to a light saber fight.

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