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Werewolf Wild West

Old West, Puppy Power!

Things I've learned about the old west (1877-ish):

There are no Nazi's in the Old West.

There are roving bands of Vikings who search the plains for Indians to beat up on.

Drowning a human isn't always enough to kill them, so you should snap their necks to be sure.

There is no Forensics or CSI in the 1870s.

Mr. Bubble was invented by Indians of the Old West.

Indians use tiddleywinks as divining objects.

Police will assume its a simple accident if a carriage with no horses plunges into San Francisco bay with three clawed bodies inside.

In Spanish, "El Chupacabra" does not mean 'Talented Story Teller', it means 'Well Hung, Black Man'.



Fredrick Augustus ("Runs like the Wind")

Also known as 'Slim'. Black, Swara cowboy. Former slave. Thick southern accent. Acts like a southern gentleman with Feline attention deficit dissorder. Likes to tell stories, usually with tragic ends.

Fredrick's Journal

Cheetah1 Cheetah Fred


Silent Strider Bounty Hunter. Good at breaking necks and drinking with Ghets. Intimidation of "Yes" and subtelty of "No".

Pharoh Hound


Half Indian, Nuisha trader. Good at deceptions and getting information.

George O'Stanton

Fiana stage coach driver. Avenged his Pa's death in New York and headed West. Not good with Werewolf culture. Current where-abouts, unknown.


Wendigo indian werewolf named "Joe"? Current where-abouts, unknown.


Vampire in Box - Deceased

Puns - Outlawed

Christian Dior (Guy that was waiting for the Vampire in the box) - Deceased

Josh, Legal Clerk (A guy we're pretty sure had something to do with the Vampire in the box) - Deceased

Special Guest Stars


It's a tumbleweed.

Lil' Syphilitic Boy whore - Renaldo Eros - 'Runs in Stockings'

This started as a GM threat against my bad puns. The GM threatened to make me play a 'Lil' Syphilitic Boy Whore'. So I made the character (with Marie's help). It turned out to look like a fun character if not a tad disturbing. The threat was withdrawn and the character was outlawed.



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