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Past Games and Memories

Robotech (1994-1998)

This for me was the quintessential Roleplaying Game. It was one of my first "real" games, and the first game with the "core gaming group" that I still play with today. I played "Bob Smith", an average guy who couldn't even pilot a veritech. So, he piloted a Tomohawk ground mecha and tended to accidentally blow things up (mostly because he didn't try not to blow them up and had a tendency to use missile liberally). Later, I added "Polly" who collected insanities.I could fill up a novel with our mis-adventures. I'll hit the highlights. Bob commanded the unit that quickly became the refuse heap of the RDF. Recon missions tended to end in massive collateral damage. They quickly learned to fear secretaries but not to fear Zentradi firing squads. Stealth usually involved drums, cymbols and crashing through a plate glass window. Decarnine (NPC) die alot and Karl (NPC) was god.


An Early Battletech game that was unique. I had a mech hit 132 heat, got the group commander to sweat at the approach of a mysterious enemy "Hussar", and reduced an entire session into a pun fest with renegade, militant Ducks.

Rolemaster 1

My first exposure to Rolemaster. Fun for the wonderful cast of characters and the Second biggest tree in the world. Oh, and John's character's were the best fighters (Not!).

BattleTech (5th Marines)

Memorable for being one of the biggest and longest running Battletech/Mechwarrior games that I've been in. In the end, we had over 40 player mechs, and a host of support personnel. In the end, we tried to by Solaris 7, but they wouldn't sell. We ended up just making an Amusement Park, 6 flags over Solaris.

Marvel SuperHeroes

What happens when players can easily outsmart the GM? Trouble and chaotic fun. We had more fun making the GM cry than to figure out the moronic plots. Pintos as weapons, Calling Doctor Doom "Daddy", breaking into New Station Weather reports, and more. I got to slug the Hulk into New Jersey.

Shadow Run: The Beginning

One of my first GMing experiences. Went along time. The players drove to Europe in a truck. They learned that Malls ocassionally explode, and that the worm that survives in the Tequilla is not to be messed with. Also set a standard for introducing new characters mid plot, One was run over and one was thrown through the front winshield.

Dungeons and Dragons, Atlanta

The Game ran, The characters grew in experience, released the Great Elder Gods, Got too powerful, Beat the Elder Gods and were retired.


Oh the fun that you can have with a big, strong, furry, cat death machine that has the mental capacity and outlook of a 4 year old. He collected Friends, much to the chagrin of the rest of the group. Spent all of his money on a Pre-rifts Shriner car and Fez. Had a "Commando" squad of teddy bears with .45s taped to their hands. He Survived the luke-warm wrath of the Amorph. He Did a point of MDC damage to a Dragon, with a Twinkie. Had a super powerful, intelligent weapon that he thought was a gerbil and was teaching him to cook.

Rolemaster Again

A fun long running game where I played and Angel of Death. I got +10 magical pants.

Bubblegum crisis RPG

This game proved our group isn't a hack and slash group. We ignored the evil organization that we were supposed to fight because we were have inter-character relationship problems. The baddies took over the town, we played "Days of our lifes from the 24th and a half century". The GM's Operating system crashed and we had to re-boot him.

Street Fighter

A great street fighter game. One member stole Bison's hat off his head and ran. We learned that Bison can find you, even if you are hiding 'in' his matress. Oh, and never get between E. Honda and the Buffet line.

Doug's and Dragons

A neat home brewed system from one of my pals. I played a psionic knight. And when my characters queen was possessed and unarmed did the rest of my group help try to free her from the evil spell? No! They blew her arms off and stabbed her in the throat. Thanks guys! But, I'm not bitter. The bastards!

Street Fighter: Rival Schools

I had a pet whale and a bad attitude. My classmates included the rich girl, the Hong Kong Billy Idol clone and the janitor's son.

Champions in the Marvel-verse

I ran this parody. These were the B-team mutants and supers that went to highschool across the street from the Xavier school for the Gifted. The X-men were snobby preps. One of my players was trying to take "Piss off Jean Grey" as a super power.

Rifts: Brodnax

Ever tried to live in a small town and have a normal life in the chaos that is the Rifts Universe? They did. They had a sheep with mechanical legs (don't ask), killer soup (reason the sheep had no legs), mad scientists (the reason why the sheep got mechanical legs after the soup ate its real ones), power mimes (nothing to do with the sheep), ineffectual assasins (kind of sheepish), Fried chicken of smallness, Small chicken of friedness, and they once fought a Darlek. The happy pirates just wanted "booties" not "booty".

Feng Shui

Wooo! What a game. I got to play a failed genetic experiment to create a super soldier that accidentally created a pacifistic, magical healer with amnesia who worked as a clumsy waitress. the rest of the party included the psychotic death slut nun, The pschotic death slut romance novel writer, the psychotic death cop, the slick gambling thief and the happy go lucky trucker. We found a small kitten (started as an NPC, but gained a player) that was the smartest character in the group, but we couldn't understand it. It also had a mean streak and a sick mind. We figured the kitten eventually went on to run a brutal dictatorship on a small island nation. "Seig Meow!"

System Shock

A d20 system set around the System Shock video game setting. A novice military officer, a kill happy grunt and a rogue medical doctor encounter quantum level weirdness. Kinda of a space opera horror. We learned that Debibulators can be used for weapons. Also, Protocol droids come with all the programming to work heavy weapons. We armed ours with a grenade launcher.


Ahh... The memories. This was an extrememly long running game that started in second edition and changed to third edition. We brought characters up from first to 17th/18th level (I actually joined, dropped out and came back in at 8th level). I had a swahbuckling pirate (Rogue/Duelist) who was modeled after Arrol Flynn (see picture in dictionary next to Swashbuckling). Anyway, Wobegong (nicknamed after the shark), was the antithesis of the mood of Ravenloft. Anyway, the party had a hot cleric chic who was dating a God, a Nordic barbarian who hated doors and thinking, the elven fighter knicknamed "sir Chicken hear" who died about 5 times, and the elven multiple personality disorder. Wobegong's pet parrot was killed and weakend his tenuous grasp on reality, so the party resurrected it, or well, reincarnated it into an female elf, who had the mental stats of a parrot and tried to perch on Wobigong shoulder. Good job on restoring the pirate's sanity. After a bunch of INT upping magic items, Polly went on to co-lead all of the Ravenloft elves. We ended up as major political players, and landed gentry, in Ravenloft and eventually took down Strod himself, with some otherwordly intervention. The GM did not let us conquer all of Ravenloft with "Porn Scrying Globes" even though we spent too much time figure out all the details.

White Wolf- Compton

Keepin' it real, Yo! ... With big fuzzy death machines. We had Ghets, Silent Striders, Glass Walkers, and a couple mages. I played a Were-cheetah stripper. It was like MTV Real World sponsored by Animal Planet and The Greatful Dead. I abused two of the stats, Charisma and Speed. I could run Mach 4 for short distances and could fall into a pathetic ball that would cause enemies to not want to attack me. Did I mention I was in a street gang and was hunted by Steve Irwin?

Other Games that have ended

Forgotten Realms


Space Master


Werewolf Wild West

Mutants And Masterminds

My D&D

D&D game, Forgotten Realms

World of Darkness

Mutants And Masterminds High School


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